Driving Directions


Parking permits should be obtained online at least one day in advance. The closest lot is at 52 Oxford St., directly behind HUH. Weekday permits are $10.00 per day, and lots can fill up quickly so try to obtain a permit as early as possible.

From the west or north: The easiest way into Cambridge is by Massachusetts Rte 2. Once inside the Rte 128/I-95 beltway, Rte 2 is six lanes (3 inbound; 3 outbound). As you approach Cambridge Rte 2 widens to 4 lanes each way, and just beyond that it descends a fairly long hill. About a half mile from the bottom on the Boston side of the hill Rte 2 suddenly becomes 2 lanes each way -- be prepared to squeeze into 2 lanes. Keep to the right as you pass the Cambridge Gateway Inn. You will pass a large parking garage with a large "T" on its side (the Alewife stop on the subway line) on your right as you go through several sets of lights. Rte 2 then crosses a new bridge over a series of railroad tracks, passes in front of a couple of shopping areas and makes a left bend around a traffic rotary. After that, directly in front of you, is a gas station and another traffic rotary. Bear to the left around the traffic circle (Rte 2 goes off to the right now) and immediately turn right onto Concord Avenue (keeping the gas station on your right). Go through two sets of traffic lights and take the first street on the left down a one-way street. The one-way street ends at Garden Street.

Historical note: At the stop sign, the house that Thomas Nuttall and then Asa Gray lived in, and where Gray had his herbarium, is on the right hand corner. Across Garden Street is the old Gray Herbarium building, which now houses the University Publishers. In the same vicinity are a series of buildings called Garden Apartments; these occupy the former site of the Harvard Botanical Garden.

Turn right on Garden Street, and then take the second left onto Linnaean Street. Go to the end of Linnaean and turn right on Massachusetts Avenue. At the second set of traffic lights turn left onto Everett Street. Go to the end of Everett Street and continue across Oxford Street into the parking lot.

From the south or southwest: Take the Allston-Cambridge exit (a left exit coming from the west!) off the Massachusetts Turnpike (I-90) and follow the signs to Cambridge - Central Square until you cross the Charles River. Immediately after crossing the river turn left on Memorial Drive (left at the Shell station; no large trucks allowed). After going through two sets of lights take the first right on a small one-way street (Plympton Street). Go to the end and turn left on Massachusetts Avenue. Follow Massachusetts Avenue through Harvard Square (use caution here -- it is somewhat confusing and local drivers show no mercy). After passing the Common on your left and the Harvard Law School on your right you will come to a set of traffic lights (Everett Street); turn right on Everett Street (a clothing store is on the corner). Go to the end of Everett Street and continue across Oxford Street into the parking lot.