Spring 2009/10

Jan. 26 Michael Axtell (Penn State University) Young and old small RNAs in land plants: Evolution, biogenesis, and functions
Feb. 2 Bomblies Lab Arabidopsis Evolutionary Genetics
Feb. 9 Ken Karol (New York Botanical Garden) Genes and genomes: what they reveal about green plant evolution
Feb. 23 Angelica Cibrian-Jaramillo (MCZ/ American Museum of Natural History) From Darwin to HomeDepot: the population genetics of a recently endangered cycad
Mar. 2 Ned Friedman (Univ. of Colorado at Boulder) A Darwinian look at Darwin's evolutionist ancestors
Mar. 9 Faye Rosin (Kramer Lab/ OEB Dept.) Transcriptome analysis of Aquilegia floral organs
Jen Winther (Kramer Lab/ OEB Dept. & Arnold Arboretum) Gymnosperm Type II MADS-box Genes
Mar. 23 Wendy Clement (Yale University) Phylogeny and pollination ecology of Castilleae (Moraceae): Investigating the evolutionary history of the figs' closest relatives
Mar. 30 Barbara Ambrose (New York Botanical Garden) Evolution and development in lycophytes and ferns
Apr. 6 Quentin Cronk (Univ. of British Columbia) How a tree genome adapts to latitude: genomic architecture of local adaptation in a temperate tree based on large-scale transcriptome resequencing
Apr. 13 Adrian Rocha (Marine Biological Laboratory) Consequences of an altered fire regime on climate and carbon storage in arctic tundra
Apr. 20 Oliver Sonnentag (Richardson Lab/ OEB Dept.) How are peatland topography and vegetation structure linked with wetness and water vapour and carbon dioxide fluxes?
Apr. 27 Samuel Hazen (UMass Amherst) Systems biology of plant biofuel attributes
May 4 Matt Klooster (Davis Lab/ OEB) Conservation genetic approaches resolve host-parasite dynamics in the world's largest flowers