Spring 2008/09

Feb. 3 Jonathan Wilson (OEB/Knoll Lab) Reconstructing the physiology of extinct plants
Feb. 10 George Weiblen (University of Minnesota) Why are there so many herbivorous insects in tropical forests?
Feb. 17 Matt Smith (Farlow Fellow/Pfister Lab) Tuberculate ectomycorrhizae of angiosperms: the interaction between Boletus rubropunctus and Quercus species in the USA and Mexico
Feb. 24 John Kress (Smithsonian Institution) DNA Barcoding in Plants: From Genes to Genomics
Mar. 3 Dr. Amity Wilczek (Brown University) Flowering across the seasons: timing of reproduction under changing climates
Mar. 10 George Chiang (Donohue/Kramer lab) Phenological Interactions in Arabidopsis thaliana Natural Variation and Natural Selection
Mar. 17 Michael Dosmann (Arnold Arboretum) Tree herding at the Arnold Arboretum: Another paradigm in collections management
Mar. 31 Dr. Susan Cameron (HUCE Fellow/Edwards Lab) Seventy years of vegetation change in Yosemite National Park
Apr. 7 Dr. C. Thomas Philbrick (Western Conn. State University) Neotropical Podostemaceae: systematics, ecology, endemism and conservation
Apr. 14 Mark Beilstein (Mercer Fellow/Mathews lab) Uncovering the hidden histories of Arabidopsis
Apr. 21 Wenheng Zhang (Davis Lab) Evolution of Floral Symmetry in Malpighiaceae: Pollination Ecology, Parallel Evolution, and Genetic Basis
Apr. 28 Dr. Abena Dove Osseo-Asare (UC Berkeley/visiting scholar) Who Owns Africa's Plants?: The Case of Madagascar Periwinkle and Pennywort

**Special Seminar May 4th in MCZ 101 at 10am**
May 4 Dr. Campbell Webb (HUH/CTFS-AA/Arnold Arboretum) Plant inventory and biodiversity informatics in Indonesia