Spring 2007/08

Feb. 5 Benjamin van Ee (HUH/OEB) Biogeography of Croton (Euphorbiaceae s.s.) in the Caribbean
Feb. 12 Matt Ogburn (Brown University) Anatomical variation in cacti and their relatives: implications for the evolution of the cactus life form
Feb. 19 Serita Frey (University of New Hampshire) Interactions between Microbial Metabolism and Soil Carbon Storage in a Global Change Context
Feb. 26 Robert Morris (UMass-Boston) Architecture and demonstration of author-friendly, web-accessible, database-backed, localizable Electronic Field Guides
Mar. 4 Kristin Lewis (Rowland Institute) Controlling parasitic plants by inhibiting cell wall degrading enzymes
Nathalie Nagalingum (Mathews Lab/Arnold Arboretum) Interpreting the evolution of heterosporous ferns (Salviniales) through fossil and molecular data
Mar. 11 Michaela Schmull (HUH) The lichen genus Lecidea s. lat. (sensu Zahlbruckner): How widely are the species of this heterogeneous group distributed within the Lecanoromycetes?
Jen Winther (Kramer Lab/Arnold Arboretum) Mycorrhizal symbioses in subterranean ferns and lycopsids
Mar. 18 Hardeep Rai (Mathews Lab/Arnold Arboretum) Inference of deep vascular-plant phylogeny using a large multigene plastid data set
Mar. 25 ** CANCELLED**
Apr. 1 Timothy Short (Queens College) Ceratopteris richardii as a model for photomorphogenesis: traits and tools
Apr. 8 John Dighton (Rutgers University) Decomposition of plant litters, fungi involved and climatic relations with spore dispersal
Apr. 15 Steven Orzack (The Fresh Pond Research Institute) Demographic heterogeneity and life history evolution: the whole world is a plant
Apr. 22 Rebecca Irwin (Dartmouth University) The role of floral traits in pollination and plant defense
Apr. 29 Greg Bonito (Duke University) Revisionary Systematics of the Tuberaceae and phylogenetic placement of unidentified Tuber mycorrhiza