Spring 2006/07

Jan. 23 Special Seminar- Seth Davis (Max Planck Institute) A clockwork green: molecular insights of the plant circadian clock
Feb. 6 Scott Hotton (OEB/ Dumais Lab) A dynamical systems approach to plant development
Feb. 13 Catherine Cardelus (University of Florida) Nutrient cycling in rainforest canopies
Feb. 20 Rodger Evans (Acadia University) 10+ years and 1000's of base pairs: Insights into Rosaceae Relationships and Evolution
Feb. 27 Michael Dietze (HUH) Regeneration dynamics in large forest gaps
March 6 Ken Feeley (HUH) The effects of global change on tropical forest structure and dynamics
March 13 Celeste Peterson (OEB/ Pringle Lab) Pitcher Plant Microbial Communities: Who's at the bottom of the food web in carnivorous plants?
Mark Beilstein (OEB/ Mathews Lab) Phylogeny and trichome evolution in the plant family Brassicaceae
March 20 MyLien Nguyen (Wellesley College) Ethnic food markets: windows on biocultural diversity and human health
April 3 George Eric Schaller (Dartmouth College) Going for green: Cytokinin signaling and its transcriptional network
April 10 Katharine B. Gregg (West Virginia Wesleyan College) Prolonged dormancy, is it worth the risk?
April 17 Caroline A. E. Stromberg (Smithsonian Inst. NMNH) What came first: grasses or grass-eaters? New perspectives from the fossil record of plant silica
April 24 Peter Alpert (UMass, Amherst) The advantages and disadvantages of being introduced: fighting invasion by grasses with sweets
May 1 Glenn Adelson (OEB) Nomen-colonialism: Unwitting Barrier to Conservation