Spring 2005/06

Feb. 7 Chuck Davis (OEB/HUH) Phylogenetic studies in Malpighiales: dating the origin of tropical rain forests, host-to-parasite gene transfer, and the geography of gene swapping
Feb. 14 Abraham Miller-Rushing (Boston University) The impact of climate change on flowering and bird migration times in Massachusetts
Jianhua Li (HUH/ Arnold Arboretum) Chloroplast Gene Duplication and Phylogenetics of Catalpa (Bignoniaceae)
Feb. 21 Susan Kelley and David Boufford (HUH) Shangri-la: at the heart of the Hengduan Mountain biodiversity hotspot
Feb. 28 Pam Templer (Boston University) Influence of plant and microbial interactions on forest nitrogen retention and loss
March 7 Karen Lombard (The Nature Conservancy) Restoring native plant communities at Sandy Neck: from planning to action at The Nature Conservancy
March 14 John Dighton (Rutgers University) Fungi and Pollution: Case Studies in Nitrogen Deposition and Interactions with Radionuclides
March 21 Christine Queitsch (CGR) Chaperone Hsp90 affects phenotype through buffering of genetic variation and modulating of maternal effects and biotic interactions
Anji Ballerini (Kramer Lab) Molecular Insight into Flowering Time in Aquilegia: Why didn't I just choose to work on Arabidopsis?
March 28 Spring Break- No Seminar
April 4 Cancelled
April 11 Diane Peabody (Stonehill College) Do Armillaria gallica spore cell lines and vegetative cell lines differ in their ability to attack trees?
April 18 Robin Kodner (Knoll Lab) Were the oceans ever green?
April 25 David Hewitt (Pfister Lab) Rise above: environmental considerations on fungal growth and development
May 2 Barbara Gravendeel (NHN-Leiden University) EvoDevo Studies in Orchids