Spring 2004/05

Feb. 8 Kristina Jones (HUH) Animals and the population dynamics of two very different plants: the rare Trollius laxus and the ubiquitous Chamerion angustifolium
  Shane Heschel (Donohue Lab) Sensing Seasons with Phytochrome
Feb. 15 Gustavo Romero (HUH) Natural history and classification of Catasetinae (Orchidaceae), the orchids that change sex
  Dan Fulop (Kramer Lab) Biomechanics of pollinarium expulsion in Catasetum orchids
Feb. 22 Richard Winkworth (Yale Univ.) New phylogenies: Implications for Dipsacales evolution
Mar. 1 Greg Jordan (Univ. of Tasmania) Evolution of potentially photoprotective anatomy in the major Southern Hemisphere family, Proteaceae
Mar. 8 Peter Del Tredici (Arnold Arboretum) Building Botanical Bridges with China: the role of the Arnold Arboretum from 1915 through 1948
Mar. 15 Dan Nickrent (Southern Illinois Univ.) The Last Pieces in the Puzzle: Phylogenetic Placement of Enigmatic Nonasterid Holoparasitic Angiosperms
Mar. 22 Barbara Crandall-Stotler (Southern Illinois Univ.) Reconstructing Evolution in the Liverworts, the Earliest Diverging Lineage of the Embryophytes
Apr. 5 Scott Michaels (Indiana Univ.) Frigid flowering, the regulation of flowering time in response to vernalization
Apr. 12 Nathan Phillips (Boston Univ.) Vegetation hydrodynamics: From trees to watersheds
Apr. 19 Sabrina Russo (Center for Tropical Forest Science - Arnold Arboretum) Soil-related performance variation and species' distribution patterns in a Bornean rain forest
Joel McNeal (Mathews Lab) Phylogeny and photosynthetic evolution of the parasitic vine genus Cuscuta: Getting fat from a high-carb diet?
Apr. 26 A. Elizabeth Arnold (Univ. of Arizona) Cryptic diversity, hidden mutualisms: Phylogenetic ecology of fungal endophytes from the tropics to the tundra
May 3 C. Robertson McClung (Dartmouth College) An evolving view of the Arabidopsis circadian clock
May 10 H. Gokul (National College, Bangalore, India) Study of Alkaloid Content Enhancement through Plant Callus Cultures