Seminar Series

Fall 2012 / Spring 2013

All seminars are held in the Harvard University Herbaria Seminar Room at 12:00pm, unless otherwise notified.

Sept. 04 Mark Friedl "Seeing the Forest for the Trees-Overserving and Modeling Phenology Across Multiple Scales"
Sept. 11 David L. Des Marais "Genotype by environment interaction and
the genomic basis of local adaptation in plants"


Sept. 18 Joe Williams "Intersecting ontogenies: The evolutionary developmental origins of the pollination to fertilization process of flowering plants"
Sept. 25 Michael Toomey & Cecilia Olsson "Monitoring and modeling of forest Phenology"
Oct. 09 Donald Pfister "Films and photos by William H. Weston: extraordinary Harvard teacher of Biology"
Oct. 16

Egbert Leigh

"What large forest plots can tell us about tropical forest


Thursday Oct. 25


Michael Bahn "Climate extremes and the carbon cycle in mountain grassland"
Oct. 30 Jeanne Harris “Shedding light on an underground problem: Light regulation of nitrogen-fixing nodules”
Nov. 6 Matt Ogburn "Life history lability underlies rapid climate niche evolution in the clade Montiaceae"
Nov. 13

John Kartesz

"21st Century Floristics in a Digital and High-Tech World"


Nov. 20 Michael Sundue “Morphological Character Evolution in Leptosporangiate Ferns”
Nov. 27 Peter Ashton 'Patterns of tree species diversity in hyper-diverse tropical rain forest, and their correlations with habitat
Dec. 04

Jill Preston

"Plant adaptations to seasonality and the winter freeze"


Jan. 29 tba tbd
Feb. 05 Ken Birnbaum “A Cellular View of Plant Root Regeneration”
Feb. 12 Bruce Moran "Alchemy, Plants, and the Paper Theaters of Leonard Thurneisser"
Feb. 19 Jenny Brown "The Glass Flowers Marvels in Art and Science"


Feb.. 26

Mar. 05 Neil Pederson "How Tree Innards Give Insight to Internal Proccesses and External Enviornmental History"
Mar. 12 David Hollinger "Carbon isotope measurements, ecosystem respiration, and water use"


Mar. 26 Varun Swamy "Regeneration dynamics of Western Amazonian Forests: the impact of contemporaneous defaunation"


Apr. 02 Carlos Jaramillo "Evolution of Tropical Ecosystems Over Geological Time"
Apr. 09 Million Tadege "STENOFOLIA-Mediated Regulation of Leaf Blade Development in Core Eudicots"


Apr. 16 Rebbeca Irwin "Anthropogenic Change and the Fate of Pollination Services"
Apr. 23 Rodrigo Vargas

Cancelled due to illness. This presentation will be rescheduled in the fall."On the immortality of long-lived desert plants: the role of non-structural carbon reserves"

Apr. 30 Paul Schaberg “Acidic Deposition, Calcium Depletion, and Forest Health/Productivity: Mechanisms and Implications”