Seminar Series

Fall 2011 / Spring 2012

All seminars are held in the Harvard University Herbaria Seminar Room at 12:00pm.

Sept. 13 Elizabeth Crone "Pulsed floral resources and pollinator population dynamics"
Sept. 20

Michael Donoghue

"Viburnum diversity and evolution"

Convenes at the Arnold Arboretum

Sept. 27 Amy Litt "Comparative gene function in the development of dry and fleshy fruits in Solanaceae"
Oct. 4 Nathan Muchhala "Bats, birds, and Burmeistera: The evolution of specialized pollination systems in the Neotropics"
Oct. 11 Joel Nitta "Reticulate evolution in the Crepidomanes minutum species complex (Hymenophyllaceae)"
Oct. 18

Jun Wen

"Evolution of the biogeographic disjunctions between eastern Asia and North America"

Convenes at the Arnold Arboretum

Nov. 1 Jason Fridley "Modern floristic interchange and the shifting phenology of Eastern U.S. forests"
Nov. 8 Dawn Bazely "Kudzu has arrived: how well is Canada dealing with invasive plant species from ecological and policy perspectives?"
Nov. 15

Yuguo Wang/Bharti Sharma

"Reconstructing patterns of reticulate evolution in kiwifruits"/"B-class gene duplication linked to novel organ identity in Aquilegia"

Convenes at the Arnold Arboretum

Nov. 22 Ana Caicedo "The evolutionary genomics of invasive weedy rice"
Nov. 29 Stacey Smith "Ecology and genetics of floral diversification: A case study in Andean Iochroma (Solanaceae)"
Jan. 31

Alan Knapp

"Global Change and Grasslands"

Convenes at the Arnold Arboretum

Feb. 7 Ben Hunter/Jesse Hollister TBA
Feb. 14 Jeffrey Dukes TBA
Feb. 21 Charles Bell TBA
Feb. 28

Ken Birnbaum


Convenes at the Arnold Arboretum

Mar. 6 Pam Diggle TBA
Mar. 20 Josh Puzey "How cucumber tendrils coil."
Mar. 27

Vivian Irish

"Regulation of Petal organogenesis"

Convenes at the Arnold Arboretum

Apr. 3 Rachel Spicer "Making connections: Auxin transport and leaf-system vascular continuity in the model woody plant Populus"

Convenes at the Arnold Arboretum

Apr. 10 Peter Del Tredici CANCELLED
Apr. 17

Ericka Edwards

"A clade's eye view of plant ecological adaptation"

Convenes at the Arnold Arboretum

Apr. 24 George Perry "of ragamuffins and pigeons: legacies of prehistoric fire in New Zealand's forest landscapes"
May 1 Jessica Savage/Kaare Jensen "The dynamic nature of phloem transport in seedlings: Growth, phenology and environmental stimuli."--"Physical design principals of the phloem vascular system."