Fall 2008/09

Sept. 16 Peter Pollard (Griffith University) Closing the Global Carbon Cycle: Linking Terrestrial Plant Production with Aquatic Microbial Production of Carbon Dioxide
Sept. 23 Luis Mendonça de Carvalho (Beja Polytechnic Institute, Portugal) The World on Display - New Challenges for the Economic Botany Collections
Oct. 7 Dorothy Shippen (Texas A&M) Beginning to understand the ends:  Duplication and diversification of key components of the Arabidopsis telomerase enzyme
Oct. 14 Greg Douhan (UC Riverside) Population biology of the ubiquitous ectomycorrhizal fungus Cenococcum geophilum: species complex or complex species?
Oct. 21 Ben Wolfe (Pringle Lab/OEB) Evolution of symbiosis in the fungal genus Amanita
Julie Shapiro (Arnold Arboretum) SHIP: Woody Plant Seeds Digitized
Oct. 28 Noah Whiteman (Pierce Lab/OEB) Exploring the plant-herbivore interface for insights into co-evolution
Nov. 4 Patrick Sweeney (Yale, Peabody Museum) Phylogeny and Floral Development in Garcinia (Clusiaceae)
Nov. 11 Matt Smith (Farlow Fellow/Pfister Lab) Boletus rubropunctus forms tuberculate ectomycorrhizae and sclerotia with Quercus spp. over a wide geographic range
Nov. 18 Matt Klooster (Mercer Fellow/Davis Lab) Sex, deceit, and carbon laundering: Ecological insights into the provocative lives of myco-heterotrophic plants in the Monotropoideae (Ericaceae)
Nov. 25 Levi Yaffeto (Farlow Fellow/Dumais Lab) Biomechanics of invasive growth by Armillaria rhizomorphs
Dec. 2 Paul Davison (University of Northern Alabama) Phytotelmata of Temperate Tree Trunks. Microwildernesses in Temporary Waters
Dec. 9 Jeffrey Townsend (Yale University) Phylogenetic informativeness
Dec. 16 Ethan Temeles (Amherst College) Sexual dimorphism and floral polymorphism across an island archipelago: hummingbirds and heliconias of the Lesser Antilles