Fall 2007/08

Sept. 18 Danielle Way (University of Toronto) Black spruce on the Atkins Diet: Global warming and the role of Rubisco
Sept. 25 Marcus Roper (OEB/Pringe Lab) Are explosively launched ascomycete spores perfect projectiles?
Oct. 2 Dr. Henk Groth (University of Goettingen) Biogeography and divergence times of Plagiochila: a liverwort's point of view on the molecular phylogeny of species-rich genera
Dr. Milena Groth-Malonek (University of Bonn) The Mitochondrial DNA of early land plants: new loci in evolving chondriomes
Oct. 9 Reto Nyffeler (Inst. fur Systematische Botanik & Botanischer Garten) Disintegrating Portulacaceae - Phylogenetics of Cacti and Relatives
Oct. 16 David Haig (OEB Department) Sexual Conflict in Cryptogams
Oct. 23 Santiago Ramirez (Pierce Lab/ OEB) Orchid pollination, fossils and the age of Orchidaceae
Oct. 30 Carol Shearer (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign) Ascomycetes, the Basidiomycetes of Aquatic Habitats
Nov. 6 Kyra N. Krakos (Washington Univ., St. Louis) Addressing the 'Abominable Mystery': the role of generalization and specialization of plant-pollinator interactions in the radiation of the genus Oenothera
Anna Gorska (Zwienieki Lab/Arnold Arboretum) Nitrate regulates root hydraulic properties
Nov. 13 Koichi Kamiya (Stuart Lab, HUH/Arnold Arboretum) Dipterocarp phylogeography and introgression
Nov. 20 Jill Miller (Amherst College) A tale of two continents: Baker's rule and the maintenance of self-incompatibility in Lycium (Solanaceae)
Nov. 27 Ernest Schuyler (Academy of Natural Sciences in Philadelphia) Benjamin Smith Barton: Naturalist and Physician in Jeffersonian
Dec. 4 Jean Marie Hartman (Rutgers University) Rare, endangered, and improbable plants of New Jersey
Dec. 18 Rafael Rubio de Casas (Donohue Lab/OEB) The evolution of the Olea genus: olive trees, oceanic islands and the aridification of Africa