Fall 2006/07

Sept. 19 Jim Bever (Indiana University, Bloomington) Maintenance of Mutualism in Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi
Sept. 26 Richard Primack (Boston University) In the Footsteps of Thoreau: Climate change comes to Concord
Wed., Oct. 4 Shimon Rachmilevich (OEB/ Holbrook Lab) Carbon and nitrogen metabolism in response to global change
Oct. 10 David Tank (Yale University) Annual aneuploids and polyploid perennials: phylogeny and diversification of the paintbrushes and relatives (Castillejinae, Orobanchaceae)
Oct. 17 Egbert Leigh (Smithsonian Tropical Research Inst.) The Evolutionary Biogeography of Large Islands
Oct. 24 James Watkins (OEB/ Holbrook Lab) TBA
Oct. 31 Scott LaGreca (Natural History Museum, London) The Botany of Bermuda
Nov. 7 Junior Faculty Candidates: Plant Evolutionary Biology TBA
Nov. 14 Junior Faculty Candidates: Plant Evolutionary Biology TBA
Nov. 21 Hormoz BassiriRad (University of Illinois, Chicago) TBA
Nov. 28 Franck Richard (OEB/ Holbrook Lab) Shrub facilitation and feedback with soil fungi contribute to sucession in a chaparral-oak forest mediterranean ecosystem
Jenn Baltzer (HUH/ Davies Lab) Determinants of geographic distributions in tropical trees: Comparisons between everwet and seasonal forests in Malaysia and Thailand
Dec. 5 Dan Shepherd (Director, US Program Botanic Gardens Conservation Intl) The Role of Botanic Gardens in Plant Conservation
Dec. 12 Neeraj Salathia (CGR/ Queitsch Lab) Uncovering Hsp90-buffered variation in Arabidopsis