Fall 2005/06

Oct. 4 Tom Sinclair (Univ. of Florida) Plant Growth Responses to Soil Water Deficits
Oct. 11 Deepak Barua (Donohue Lab) Ecological and Evolutionary Variation in the Heat-Shock Response
Oct. 18 Ken Birnbaum (NYU) Cellular Development and Evolution: Patterns of Gene Expression at the Cell Level
Oct. 25 Peter Hepler (UMass Amherst) Apical Growth in Pollen Tubes: A Role for Ions, Actin and Pectin
Nov. 1 Amy Litt (New York Botanical Garden) Evolutionary changes in a MADS-box gene lineage: implications for the evolution of floral development mechanisms
Nov. 8 Jocelyn Hall (Kramer Lab) Developmental mechanisms underlying fruit diversification in Brassiceae (Brassicaceae)
Sanna Sevanto (Holbrook Lab) Tree stem diameter variation measurements -What are they good for?
Nov. 15 Erik Hobbie (UNH) Bomb carbon, mushrooms, and organic nitrogen use in ectomycorrhizal forests
Nov. 29 Adam Bahrami (Pierce Lab) Pseudomonas syringae manipulates plant defense against pathogens and herbivores
Rafael Rubio (Donohue Lab) Phenotypic plasticity and population divergence in Mediterranean evergreens
Dec. 6 Richard Forman (Harvard School of Design) Road Ecology to Mesh Transportation, Vegetation, Animals, and Much More
Dec. 13 Thomas Jack (Dartmouth Univ.) Molecular genetics of the AP3/PI pathway in Arabidopsis