Kanchi N. Gandhi

Gustavo Romero in the field
  • Bibliographer/Nomenclature Specialist
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Research Interests:

My interests are in the areas of plant nomenclature, plant morphology, and plant taxonomy. I am currently working on the International Plant Name Index, the HUH lookup tables, and Flora of North America project.

Associated Activities:

  • Editor, International Plant Name Index
  • Nomenclature Editor, Flora of North America
  • Collaborator, Index Nominum Genericorum (Plantarum)
  • Member, Committee for the Spermatophyta, International Association for Plant Taxonomy
  • Associate Editor, journal Rhodora
  • Nomenclature Consultant, journal Novon
  • Councillor, New England Botanical Club, Inc.
  • Associate Nomenclature Editor, Taxon, International Journal of Plant Taxonomy, Phylogeny and Evolution

General Interests:

Vascular Plant Systematics, Plant Morphology, Plant Geography, Plant Nomenclature

Current Projects:

  • Indexing Vascular Plant Names of the New World;
  • Updating Database Files on Authors, Collectors & Publications;
  • Analyzing Nomenclatural Problems for the Old and New Worlds;
  • Bibliography of Vascular Plant Names

Selected Publications:

  • Gandhi, K. N., Young, S. M. & Somers, P. 2003. A Reassement of the Taxonomy of Liatris borealis Nutt. ex J. McNab and Lacinaria scariosa var. novae-angliae Lunell (Asteraceae). Taxon 52(2): 313-318.
  • Gandhi, K. N. & Thomas, R. D. 1989. Asteraceae of Louisiana. Sida Botanical Miscellany No. 4. 285 pages.
  • Hatch, S. L., Gandhi, K. N. & Brown, L. E. 1990. Checklist of the Vascular Plants of Texas. Texas Agricultural Communication, Misc. Pub. 1655. 157 pages.
  • C. J. Saldanha & Nicolson, D. H. (eds.). 1976. Flora of Hassan District, Karnataka, India. With contributions by ... K. N. Gandhi ... Published for the Smithsonian Institution and the National Science Foundation, Washington DC. by Amerind Publishing Co., Pvt. Ltd., New Delhi (India). 915 pages.
  • Gandhi, K. N. & Padayatty, S. J. 2002. Nomenclature in Indian plant taxonomy. Pp. 291-304. In: A. P. Das (ed.), Perspectives of Plant Biodiversity. Bishen Singh Mahendra Pal Singh Publishers, Dehra Dun, India. 768 pages.
  • Gandhi, K. N., Wiersema, J. H. & Soreng, R. J. 2001. Proposal to conserve the name Bouteloua gracilis (Kunth) Griffiths against B. gracilis Vasey (Poaceae). Taxon 50: 573-575.
  • Gandhi, K. N. 1999. Nomenclatural novelties for the Western Hemisphere Plants-II. Harvard Pap. Bot. 4(1): 295-299.
  • Gandhi, K. N. & Dutton, B. E. 1993. Erianthus giganteus (Walt.) P. Beauv.: The Correct name in Erianthus for Anthoxanthum giganteum Walt. Taxon 42: 855-856.
  • Gandhi, K. N. & Fryxell, P. A. 1990. Nomenclatural note on Eupatorium fistulosum (Asteraceae). Sida 14: 129-131.
  • Gandhi, K. N & Kartesz, J. T. 1993. Five miscellaneous proposals to amend the Code. Taxon 42: 180-182.