Southeast Asian Floras

Peter Ashton, David Middleton, Stuart Davies, and Stuart Lindsay are all actively working on a number of Southeast Asian Flora projects.

Flora of Thailand

Since 2000 the Harvard University Herbaria have been one of the official collaborating institutions of the Flora of Thailand project. With this David Middleton has a place on the editorial board of the Flora. The Flora of Thailand Project was initiated in 1963 under Thai - Danish collaboration and formally launched in 1967. The first part was published in 1970 and additional parts have been produced regularly since then, although not as fast as was at first hoped. As of August 2001, 16 parts in seven volumes have been published representing about 30% of the entire flora, estimated to be ca. 10,250 species. It remains a collaborative project with involvement of institutions from Thailand, Europe, Japan and the United States. Submission of manuscripts has increased recently resulting in the hope that the Flora can be completed within 30 years. The Flora project is based at the Forest Herbarium of the Royal Forest Department in Bangkok. A detailed bibliography of works on plant families and genera occurring in Thailand, but with wider Southeast Asian application, is also available. The staff members involved in this project are David Middleton (Apocynaceae, Lauraceae), and Stuart Davies (Euphorbiaceae).

Flora Malesiana

Staff of the Harvard University Herbaria are also actively involved in Flora Malesiana through the research by David Middleton on the Apocynaceae, by Stuart Davies on Macaranga, and by Stuart Lindsay on the Vittariaceae. Flora Malesiana aims at a critical, semi-monographic treatise of the circa 41,500 species of flowering plants and ferns from Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Papua New Guinea, Singapore, Brunei Darussalam and East Timor.

Tree Flora of Sabah and Sarawak

The Tree Flora of Sabah and Sarawak is a project coordinated by the Forest Research Institute of Malaysia with the aim of providing comprehensive keys and descriptions of all the tree species in Sabah and Sarawak. The project is being conducted with some international collaboration and David Middleton will provide an account of the Apocynaceae.

Trees of Brunei Darussalam

The Trees of Brunei Darussalam is a project to provide keys, descriptions and clear line drawings of all the tree species in Brunei for the non-specialist and is being edited by Peter Ashton. David Middleton will provide an account of the Apocynaceae.