Studies in Asia:




Orchid Research


Current orchid research includes the orchids of Neotropical island-like unique habitats, the systematics of subtribes Catasetinae, Cyrtopodiinae, Lycastinae (Bifrenaria alliance), and Zygopetalinae (Warrea and Zygopetalum alliances) for the orchid flora of the Venezuelan Guayana and surrounding countries (Brazil, Colombia, and Guyana) and several other Neotropical floras, as well as an orchid type digitization project

Current research also focuses on monographs of several genera in subtribes Catasetinae and Zygopetalinae and floristic work in the upper Orinoco (Venezuela) and Rio Negro (Brazil, Colombia, and Venezuela) river basins, which includes an active program of exploration in this region.



Dr. Gustavo Romero is responsible for curation of the Oakes Ames Orchid Herbarium and has been the collection's keeper since 1988. He was Project Manager for the LDI scanning project.