Michaela Schmull

  • Research Associate, Cryptogams
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Research Interests:

The ecology, biodiversity, and systematics of lichens with particular interests in the systematics of the genus Lecidea sensu Zahlbruckner.

Current Projects:

Current research includes molecular, morphological, and anatomical investigations of the non-saxicolous Lecidea s.lat. (sensu Zahlbruckner) as well as their apothecial ontogeny, photobiont selectivity, and secondary compounds. I am also interested in the biodiversity of epiphytic lichens which grow in Los Tuxlas, Mexico, as well as the substrate selectivity in lichenized fungi.

Selected Publications

  • NAGATA, T., DUVAL, A., SCHMULL, M., TCHERNAJA, T.A.. & CRANE, P. R. (2013): Paulownia tomentosa a Chinese Plant in Japan. Curtis's Botanical Magazine 30(3): 261-274.
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  • NAGATA, T., DUVAL, A., LACK, H. W., LOUDON, W., NESBITT, M., SCHMULL, M. & CRANE, P. R. (2013): An unusual xylotheque with plant illustrations from Early Meiji Japan. Economic Botany 67(2): 87-97.
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