Harvard University Herbaria

Project Description

This project focuses on monographic studies of the ascomycete suborder Sarcoscyphineae of Pezizales. This group appears to be monophyletic and the state of knowledge is advanced enough that it can be used as a model group to train ascomycete specialists. Traditional classifications of the suborder include two families, which together include 24 genera and about 90 species. The genus Phillipsia, with between 20 and 25 species, will be an important focal point for our efforts, including studies of phylogeny, biogeography, and character evolution. Special attention will focus on the conidial anamorphs and on establishing connections between anamorph and teleomorph phases of the life cycle through culture studies.

Introduction to the Sarcoscyphineae
Monograph of Phillipsia
Genera of the Sarcoscyphineae with Notes and Comments

Methods of Study