Harvard University Herbaria

Life history studies and conidial anamorphs

The anamorphs of some of these taxa have been isolated and studied (Davidson, 1960; Gremmen, 1949; Harrington 1990; Hughes, 1960; Paden 1972, 1974, 1984; Pfister 1973a) but for many others even this minimal information is lacking. Even where conidial anamorphs have been described there is a question of whether the propagules produced function as conidia or as spermatia, particularly in the Sarcoscyphaceae (Paden, 1972). We will study the anamorphs morphologically and attempt to place them in currently accepted classification schemes (Hennebert and Sutton, 1994; Sutton and Hennebert, 1994; Kendrick and Murase, 1994). Anamorph characters will also be used to aid in the phylogenetic analysis of this group. Cultures will be obtained from culture collections and mycological associates, but primarily from our own field collections. These cultures will also be used to study vegetative compatibilities. Where appropriate cultures will be deposited in the American Type Culture Collection.