Harvard University Herbaria


Biogeographical patterns have been highlighted in previous studies by the PI of Cookeina (Pfister, 1973b) and Wynnea (Pfister, 1979), and are currently being studied in the putatively monotypic genus Chorioactis. Few fungal groups are well enough known to have attracted the attention of biogeographers (but see, e.g., Peterson, 1976; Rehead, 1989; Tulloss et al., 1992). We are hopeful that the proposed monographic and phylogenetic studies will make it possible to interpret broad biogeographic patterns in Sarcoscyphineae. The group is widespread in both temperate and tropical regions, and some individual species appear to be exceptionally widespread; others, at least based on present knowledge, have narrowly restricted ranges. It appears, based upon preliminary studies, that there may have been a split between Northern and Southern Hemisphere groups, a possibility which our phylogenetic studies will allow us to test.