Harvard University Herbaria

Anamorph/Teleomorph Connections

Considerable debate in the mycological literature has centered on the use of molecular techniques and cultural studies to connect anamorphic and teleomorphic states (see Reynolds and Taylor, 1993). This project will provide practical examples of the way in which these studies might be undertaken, and the light that they may shed on the problem. Our primary approach will be to culture accessions obtained from the teleomorphic phase in the wild, in the hopes of establishing the anamorph counterpart. In some cases it may be possible to connect anamorphs with teleomorphs using molecular data (e.g., LoBuglio et al., 1993, 1994). These studies will also make possible an analysis of the degree of congruence and evolutionary divergence of the teleomorphic and anamorphic phases of the life cycle. The evolution of complex life-cycles is an issue of considerable theoretical interest, and detailed insights from fungi may have an important bearing on alternative views.