Harvard University Herbaria

Phillipsia, parsimony tree

Phylogram depicting one of 8 equally parsimonious trees (181 steps) for ITS sequences, generated with gapped positions omitted. Terminal taxa are individual collections. Bootstrap values from 1000 replicates are given below branches (values less than 50% not shown). Branch lengths are proportional to the number of steps (character changes) along the branch (given above each branch). The main topology of one of 15,000 equally parsimonious trees (264 steps) generated under gaps = missing coding are identical, and the branch lengths from this coding scheme are indicated in parentheses above each branch. Arrow indicate alternative rooting option with gapped positions omitted. Spore morphology supporting each recognized lineage and the outgroup are shown (for Nanoscypha and P. olivacea only smooth ascospores are shown), ca scale x1.000 (reproduced from Le Gal 1953). (Hansen, K., D.H. Pfister, and D.S. Hibbett. 1999. Phylogenetic Relationships Among Species of Phillipsia Inferred from Molecular and Morphological Data. Mycologia 91 (2): 299-314)