Harvard University Herbaria

Cookeina ascospores

FIG. 3. Ascospore ornamentation as seen by SEM. A. Cookeina speciosa. Face view showing anastomosing ridges (FH, Aldava 296). B. Cookeina indica. Face view showing 13-15 longitudinal ribbon-like ridges (HMAS, Z. Wang). C. Cookeina venezuelae. Profile view showing 6-7 longitudinal ribs with regular, fine transverse connecting ridges (FH 1107). D. Cookeina tricholoma. Face view showing 22-24 longitudinal ridges (OSC 67751). E. Cookeina colensoi. Face view (PDD 68628). F. Cookeina sinensis. Profile view (HMAS 14679). G. Cookeina insititia. Profile view, surface smooth (HMAS, Z. Wang). H. Microstoma floccosum. (FH, K. Griffith). Scale bar = 10 Ám. Weinstein, Pfister and Iturriaga. 2002. A phylogenetic study of the genus Cookeina I. Mycologia 94: 673-682.