Volume 9, No. 1 (September 2004) available by request only.

  • Aedo, C. (pp. 1 - 4)
    A new species of Geranium sect. Neoandina (Geraniaceae) from Peru
  • Al-Shehbaz, I. A. (pp. 5 -6)
    Cardamine jonselliana (Brassicaceae), a new African species from Uganda
  • Nicoletti de Fraga, C., and E. de Camargo Smidt (pp. 7 - 10)
    Bulbophyllum arianeae (Orchidaceae), a new species from the Atlantic forest of Espirito Santo, Brazil
  • Grant, J. (pp. 11 - 50)
    De Macrocarpaeae Grisebach (Ee Gentianaceis) Speciebus Novis V: Twenty-three new species largely from Peru, and typification of all species in the genus
  • Hernandez, H. M., C. Gomez-Hinostrosa, and B. Goettsch (pp. 51 - 68)
    Checklist of Chihuahuan Desert Cactaceae
  • Li, J., J. Ledger, T. Ward, and P. del Tredici (pp. 69 - 82)
    Phylogenetics of Calycanthaceae based on molecular and morphological data, with a special reference to divergent paralogues of the nrDNA ITS region
  • Li, J., Y. Tang, and S. Shoup (pp. 83 - 88)
    Sequences of nrDNA support Excentrodendron and Burretiodendron (Malvaceae)
  • Middleton, D. J. (pp. 89 - 142)
    A revision of Kopsia (Apocynaceae: Rauvolfioidae)
  • Reveal, J. L. (pp. 143 - 230)
    Nomenclatural summary of Polygonaceae subfamily Eriogonoideae
  • Takeuchi, W. (pp. 231 - 238)
    Botanical notes from the New Guinea ultrabasic flora
  • Warnement, J. A., and C. E. Wood, Jr. (pp. 239 - 253)
    Richard A. Howard (1917-2003): A bibliography of published works with an introduction by P. Barry Tomlinson