Volume 8, No. 1 (June 2003) available by request only.

  • Middleton, D. J. (pp. 1 - 4)
    A new species of Carruthersia (Apocynaceae: Apocynoideae) from the Phillipines
  • Lindsay, S. (pp. 5 - 8)
    Antrophyum brassii (Vittariaceae), a new fern species from Papua New Guinea
  • Ma, J. (pp. 9 - 18)
    The chronology of the "Living fossil" Metasequoia glyptostroboides (Taxodiaceae): A review (1943-2003)
  • Struwe, L. (pp. 19 - 24)
    Revision of Bolivian Symbolanthus (Gentianaceae-Helieae)
  • Al-Shehbaz, I. A. (pp. 25 - 28)
    Aphragmus bouffordii, a new species from Tibet and a synopsis of Aphragmus (Brassicaceae)
  • Franco, P. (pp. 29 - 34)
    Two new species of Stellilabium (Orchidaceae: Telipogoninae) from Costa Rica
  • Franco, P. (pp. 35 - 60)
    A second look at the genus Sigmatostalix (Orchidaceae: Oncidiinae) in Costa Rica
  • Grant, J., and L. Struwe (pp. 61 - 82)
    De Macrocarpaeae Grisebach (Ex Gentianaceis) speciebus novis III: Six new species of Moon-gentians (Macrocarpaea, Gentianaceae: Helieae) from Parque Nacional Podocarpus, Ecuador
  • Grant, J., and R. E. Weaver, Jr. (pp. 83 - 110)
    De Macrocarpaeae Grisebach (Ex Gentianaceis) speciebus novis IV: Eleven new species of Macrocarpaea (Gentianaceae: Helieae) from Central and South America, and the first report of the presence of stipules in the family
  • Argus, G. W. (pp. 111 - 114)
    The identity of Salix waghornei (Salicaceae)
  • Romero-Gonzalez, G. A. (pp. 115 - 130)
    The Sobralia liliastrum (Orchidaceae: Sobraliinae) complex in the Venezuelan Guayana
  • Takeuchi, W. (pp. 131 - 136)
    Two new species from the Bomberai Peninsula of West Papua, New Guinea