Volume 6, No. 2 (December 2001) available by request only.

  • Davies, S. J. (pp. 371 - 448)
    Systematics of Macaranga Sects. Pachystemon and Pruinosae (Euphorbiaceae)
  • Wasshausen, D. C., and J. R. I. Wood (pp. 449 - 454)
    Further Discoveries in the Genus Stenostephanus (Acanthaceae) in Bolivia
  • Dressler, R. L. (pp. 455 - 458)
    The Identity of Epidendrum (Encyclia) Guatemalense (Orchidaceae)
  • Donoghue, M. J., T. Eriksson, P. A. Reeves, and R. G. Olmstead (pp. 459 - 480)
    Phylogeny and Phylogenetic Taxonomy of Dipsacales, with Special Reference to Sinadoxa and Tetradoxa (Adoxaceae)
  • Bell, C. D., E. J. Edwards, S.-T. Kim, and M. J. Donoghue (pp. 481 - 500)
    Dipscales Phylogeny Based on Chloroplast DNA Sequences
  • Pfister, D. H. (pp. 501 - 502)
    A Note on Peziza guaranitica, a Misinterpretation and a Search for a Locality
  • Romero-Gonzalez, R. A., and G. Carnevali Fernandez Concha (pp. 503 - 508)
    Hylaeorchis, a New Genus in the Maxillariinae (Orchidaceae)