Volume 6, No. 1 (July 2001) available by request only.

  • Lindsey, J. P., and K. K. Nakasone(pp. 1 - 4)
    A celebration of over 50 years in Mycology - A tribute to Robert Lee Gilbertson
  • Blackwell, M., H. H. Burdsall Jr., J. P. Lindsey, K. K. Nakasone, and J. G. Palmer (pp. 5 - 11)
  • Lindsey, J. P., and K. K. Nakasone(pp. 12 - 14)
    Tribute to Michael J. Larson
  • Adaskaveg, J. E., H. Forster, P. A. Mauk, D. M. Bigelow and R. L. Gilbertson (pp. 15 - 24)
    Molecular characterization of Coniophora isolates from citrus in Arizona and California
  • Barr, M. E. (pp. 25 - 34)
    Revisionary studies on the Dothoriaceae
  • Blackwell, M., C. David, and S. A. Barker (pp. 35 - 42)
    The presence of glycine betaine and the dextrinoid reaction in basidiomata
  • Burdsall Jr., H. H., and M. T. Bank (pp. 43 - 56)
    The genus Laetiporus in North America
  • Carranza, J. and A. Ruiz-Boyer (pp. 57 - 84)
    Cultural studies on some genera of basidiomycetes (Basidiomycota) from Costa Rica
  • Desjardin, D. E., and D. E. Hemmes (pp. 85 - 104)
    Agaricales of the Hawaiian islands 7. Notes on Volvariella, Mycena sect. Radiatae, Physalacria, Porpoloma and Stropharia
  • Ginns, J. (pp. 105 - 108)
    The identity of Cantharellus candidus and C. olivaceus, and the status of Plicaturella
  • Halling, R. E., and G. M. Mueller (pp. 109 - 112)
    Tylopilus bulbosus sp. nov. from Costa Rica
  • Harrington, F. A., and D. H. Pfister (pp. 113 - 116)
    The psilopezioid fungi X. Characteristics of Pachyella babingtonii in culture
  • Hemmes, D. E., and D. E. Desjardin (pp. 117 - 122)
    A burst of mycological activities in Hawaii in the 1990's
  • Koljalg, U., and W. A. Dunstan (pp. 123 - 130)
    Pseudotomentella larsenii sp. nov. (Thelephorales). A common ectomcorrhiza former in dry Eucalypt woodland and forests of western Australia
  • Larsson, K.-H. (pp. 131 - 138)
    The position of Poria mucida inferred from nuclear ribosomal DNA sequences
  • Lindsey, J. P. (pp. 139 - 146)
    Synonymy of two species of Aleurodiscus
  • Mathiasen, R. L., and C. S. Albion (pp. 147 - 154)
    Sporocarp production of ectomycorrhiza associated with ponderosa pine in four stand types in northern Arizona
  • Miller Jr., O. K., and V. S. Evenson (pp. 155 - 162)
    Observations on the Alpine tundra species of Hebeloma in Colorado
  • Nakasone, K. K. (pp. 163 - 178)
    Taxonomy of the genus Radulodon
  • Parmasto, E. (pp. 179 - 182)
    Gilbertsonia, a new genus of Polpores (Hymenomycetes, Basidiomycota)
  • Rajchenberg, M. (pp. 183 - 188)
    Postia minuta sp. nov. from southern Argentina
  • Rogers, J. D., D. Scott, and Y.-M. Ju (pp. 189 - 192)
    Xylaria pisoniae sp. nov. from Pisonia leaves in Hawaii
  • Ryvarden, L. (pp. 193 - 198)
    The genus Auriscalpium
  • Simmons, E. G. (pp. 199 - 208)
    Perfect states of Stemphylium IV.
  • Trappe, J. M., and N. S. Weber (pp. 209 - 214)
    North American desert truffles: the genus Carbomyces (Ascomycota, Carbomycetaceae)
  • Wang, C. J. K. (pp. 215 - 222)
    Lignicolous Hyphomycetes of New York: A preliminary report
  • Judd, W. S. (pp. 223 - 244)
    The Asparagaceae in the southeastern Inited States
  • Carnevali Fernandez-Concha, G., J. Luis Tapia-Munoz, and I. M. Ramirez (pp. 245 - 252)
    The status of Schomburgkia tibicinus var. grandiflora Lindl. (Orchidaceae) and a key to the Mexican species of Myrmecophila
  • Duno de Stefano, R., and T. R. dos Santos Silva (pp. 253 - 260)
    Conservation status of the carnivorous genus Drosera in South America and the Caribbean
  • Esser, H.-J., and K. Chayamarit (pp. 261 - 266)
    Notes on Euphorbia (Euphorbiaceae) in Thailand
  • Li, J., C. C. Davis, P. del Tredici, and M. Donoghue (pp. 267 - 274)
    Phylogeny and Biogeography of Taxus (Taxaceae) inferred from sequences of the internal transcribed spacer region of nuclear ribosomal DNA
  • Li, J., C. C. Davis, M. J. Donoghue, S. Kelley, and P. Del Tredici (pp. 275 - 282)
    Phylogenetic relationships of Torreya (Taxaceae) inferred from sequences of nuclear ribosomal DNA ITS region
  • Jimenez Macharro, R., and G. Carnevali Fernandez-Concha (pp. 283 - 284)
    Nomenclatural notes: New combinations in Lophiaris raf. (Orchidaceae)
  • Middleton, D. J. (pp. 285 - 288)
    A new species of Pottsia (Apocynaceae: Apocynoideae) from Thailand and Lao PDR
  • Pupulin, F. (pp. 289 - 294)
    New taxa in Costa Rican Lepanthes (Orchidaceae)
  • Romero-Gonzalez, G. A., and L. M. Campbell (pp. 295 - 308)
    George Bentham's "Enumeration of plants collected by Mr. Schomburgk, British Guiana"
  • Skrabal, J., H.-J. Tillich, and M. Weigend (pp. 309 - 338)
    A revision of the Passiflora lobbii group (Passifloraceae) including some new species and subspecies
  • Sousa S., M., M. Ricker, and H. M. Hernandez (pp. 339 - 366)
    Tree species of the family Leguminosae in Mexico
  • Whitmore, T. C., and S. J. Davies (pp. 367 - 370)
    Studies in Macaranga XIII: A novelty from Northern Borneo