Volume 4, No. 2 (December 1999) available by request only.

  • Judd, W. S., and I. K. Ferguson (pp. 365 - 416)
    The genera of Chenopodiaceae in the Southeastern United States
  • Beck, J. B., R.F.C. Naczi, and P. J. Calie (pp. 417 - 428)
    Lectotypification of Solidago shortii (Asteraceae), with considerations of the historical and intellectual circumstances surrounding the original species description in Torrey and Gray's Flora of North America
  • Chen, S. (X. Chen), and G. Zhu (pp. 429 - 432)
    Pleione autumnalis (Orchidaceae), a new species from China
  • Davies, S. J. (pp. 433 - 438)
    A new myrmecophytic, thrip-pollinated species of Macaranga from the highlands of Sarawak
  • Dostert, N., and M. Weigend (pp. 439 - 468)
    A synopsis of the Nasa triphylla complex (Loasaceae), including some new species and subspecies
  • Dressler, R. L. (pp. 469 - 474)
    A reconsideration of Stellilabium and Dipterostele
  • Garay, L. A., and G. A. Romero-Gonzalez (pp. 475 - 488)
    Schedulae Orchidum II
  • Huang, T.-C. (pp. 489 - 504)
    The pollen history of Caesalpinia (Fabaceae) in Taiwan
  • G. A. Romero-Gonzalez (pp. 505 - 518)
    Notes on the species of Cyrtopodium (Cyrtopodiinae, Orchidaceae) from the Venezuelan Guayana
  • Thiv, M., L. Struwe, V. A. Albert, and J. W. Kadereit (pp. 519 - 526)
    The phylogenetic relationships of Saccifolium bandeirae (Gentianaceae) reconsidered
  • Xiang, Q.-Y. (pp. 527 - 542)
    Systematic affinities of Grubbiaceae and Hydrostachyaceae with Cornales- Insights from rbcL sequences
  • Zona, S., and D. Fuller (pp. 543 - 560)
    A revision of Veitchia (Arecaceae-Arecoideae)