Volume 3, No. 2 (December 1998) available by request only.

  • Zomelefer, W. B. (pp. 113 - 146)
    The Genera of Hemerocallidaceae in the Southeastern United States
  • Rudd, W. S. (pp. 147 - 170)
    The Smilaceae in the Southeastern United States
  • Zona, S. (pp. 171 - 180)
    The Myoporaceae in the Southeastern United States
  • Struwe, L., and V. A. Albert (pp. 181 - 198)
    Six New Species of Gentianaceae from the Guayana Shield
  • Struwe, L., M. Thiv, J. W. Kadereit, A. S.-R. Pepper, T. J. Motley, P. J. White, J.H.E. Rova, K. Potgieter, and V. A. Albert (pp. 199 - 214)
    Saccifolium (Saccifoliaceae), an Endemic of Sierra de la Neblina on the Brazilian- Venezualan Border, is Related to a Temperate-alpine Lineage of Gentianaceae
  • Ramirez M., I. M. (pp. 215 - 224)
    Five New Species of Cryptanthus (Bromeliaceae) and Some Nomenclatural Novelties
  • Pupulin, F. (pp. 225 - 230)
    A New Species of Ionopsis (Orchidaceae: Oncidiinae) and a Reconsideration of the Genus Konantzia
  • Ma, J. (pp. 231 - 238)
    New Species of Asian Euonymus (Celastraceae)
  • Carnevali Fernandez-Concha, G., and I. M. Ramirez M. (pp. 239 - 252)
    Notes on the Orchid Flora of the Cruz Carrillo National Park (Guaramacal), Venezuala
  • Jarvie, J. K., and P. F. Stevens (pp. 253 - 262)
    New Species and Notes on Violaceae and Flacourtiaceae from Indo-Malesia
  • Duran, Trejo-Torres and Ibarra-Manriquez (pp. 263 - 314)
    Endemic Phytotaxa of the Peninsula of Yucatan
  • Baum, D. A., W. S. Alverson, and R. Nyffeler (pp. 315 - 330)
    A Durian by Any Other Name: Taxonomy and Nomenclature of the Core Malvales