Volume 11, No. 2 (January 2007) online at BioOne.

  • Alzate Guarin, F. (pp. 125-128)
    Bomaria puracensis (Alstroemeriaceae), a new species from Colombia
  • Grant, J. R. (pp. 129-140)
    De Macrocarpaceae Grisebach (Ex Gentianaceis) Speciebus Novis VII: Four new species and two natural hybrids
  • Lendemer, J. C., J. A. Macklin, and G. Moore (pp. 141-144)
    Neotypification of Rubus cuneifolius Pursch (Rosaceae)
  • Ormerod, P. (pp. 145-178)
    Studies of Neotopical Goodyerinae (Orchidaceae) 2
  • Phipps, J. B., G. Yatskievych, and K. Wood (pp. 179-198)
    Typification of Crataegus (Rosaceae) names from the Missouri flora
  • Strong, M. T. (pp. 199-202)
    Scleria tropicalis (Cyperaceae), a new species from northern Andean South America
  • Takeuchi, W. (pp. 203-206)
    Notes on Acronychia (Rutaceae) from the Kaijende Highlands of Papua New Guinea
  • Watthana, S. (pp. 207-256)
    The genus Pomatocalpa (Orchidaceae): A taxonomic monograph
  • Al-Shehbaz, I., and M. D. Windham (pp. 257-274)
    New and noteworthy species of Boechera (Brassicaceae) II: Apomictic Hybrids
  • Al-Shehbaz, I. (pp. 275-276)
    Cardamine holmgrenii (Brassicaceae), a new species from the Blue Mountains, Oregon
  • Al-Shehbaz, I. (pp. 277-)
    Two new species of Draba and Eutrema (Brassicaceae) from Sichuan, China