Volume 11, No. 1 (July 2006) online at BioOne.

  • Anderson, W. R., and C. C. Davis (pp. 1-16)
    Expansion of Diplopterys at the expense of Banisteriopsis (Malpighiaceae)
  • Cornejo, X., and H. H. Iltis (pp. 17-18)
    New combinations in Capparaceae sensu stricto for Flora of Ecuador
  • Cornejo, X. (pp. 19-24)
    Two new species of Pentagonia (Rubiaceae-Hippotideae) from Ecuador and Peru
  • Jie (Cheih), C., and L. A. Craven (pp. 25-28)
    Taxonomic notes on some Myrtaceae of China
  • Grant, J. R., P. J. Maas, and L. Struwe (pp. 29-38)
    Yanomamua araca (Gentianaceae), a new genus and species from Serra do Araca, an outlier of the Guayana Region in Amazonas state, Brazil
  • Hofreiter, A. (pp. 39-52)
    The Bomarea setecea complex (Alstroemeriaceae)
  • Hofreiter, A. (pp. 53-60)
    Leontochir: a synonym of Bomarea (Alstroemeriaceae)?
  • Windham, M. D., and I. Al-Shehbaz (pp. 61-88)
    New and Noteworthy species of Boechera (Brassicaceae) I: Sexual diploids
  • Al-Shehbaz, I. (pp. 89-90)
    Sisymbrium lactucoides belongs to Dictyophyragmus (Brassicaceae)
  • Al-Shehbaz, I., and S. I. Warwick (pp. 91-100)
    A synopsis of Smelowskia (Brassicaceae)
  • Li, J., J. Yue, and S. Shoup (pp. 101-116)
    Phylogenetics of Acer (Aceroideae, Sapindaceae) based on nucleotide sequences of two chloroplast non-coding regions
  • Li, P., X. Zhuang, J. Huang, and S. He (pp. 117-120)
    Notes on Trigonostemon (Euphorbiaceae) for The Flora of China
  • Romero-González, G. A., and C. A. Luer (pp. 121-)
    A new species of Stelis (Orchidaceae) from southern Venezuela / Una nueva especie de Stelis de sur de Venezuela