Vol. I: (June 1932 -Oct. 1933)
1. Hubbard, Tracy F. and Alfred Rehder: Nomenclatorial Notes on Plants Growing in the Botanical Garden of the Atkins Institution of the Arnold Arboretum at Soledad, Cienfuegos, Cuba.
Table of Contents/Index
Vol. III: (Sept. 1934 -Oct. 1935)
Table of Contents/Index
Vol. V: (July 1937- April 1938)
Table of Contents/Index
Vol. VI: (May -Oct. 1938)
8. Ames: Resupination as a Diagnostic Character in the Orchidaceae with Special Reference to Malaxis monophyllos.
Vol. VII: (Nov. 1938-Sept.1939)
5. Smith, Lyman B.: Notes on the Taxonomy of Ananas and Pseudananas.
6. Hill, Albert F.: The Correct Names of Certain Economic Plants.
Schweinfurth: Nomenclatorial Notes X.
9. Williams, Louis O.: Orchid Studies X: Orchids from America and Asia.
Schweinfurth: Notes on a Remarkable Collection of Orchids from Panama.
10. Darrah: The Fossil Flora of Iowa Coal Balls II. The Fructification of Botryopteris.
Williams: Book Review.
Williams: A Note Concerning the Orchids Described by Kranzlin, Mainly from the Liebmann Mexican Collection.
Schweinfurth: Nomenclatorial Notes XI.
Williams: Two New Combinations.
Table of Contents/Index
Vol. VIII: (Feb. - Nov. 1940)
1. Darrah, William C.: The Fossil Flora of Iowa Coal Balls III. Cordaianthus.
2. Schweinfurth, Charles: Notes on American Orchids, Including New Species and Nomenclatorial Changes.
3. Porter, John N.: Note on the Germination of Nepenthes Seeds Sown on Agar.
4. Correll, Donovan S.: A Contribution to our Knowledge of the Orchids of the Southeastern United States.
8. Vestal, Paul A.: Notes on a Collection of Plants from the Hopi Indian Region of Arizona Made by J. G. Owens in 1891.
9. Vestal, Paul A. and Mary R.: The Formation of Septa in the Fiber-tracheids of Hypericum Androsaemum L.
Schweinfurth: Some Nomenclatorial Transfers Among Peruvian Orchids.
Schweinfurth: A Notable Extension of Range of Epidendrum oncidioides var. gravidum.
Schweinfurth: A Nomenclatorial Transfer.
10. Schultes: Plantae Mexicanae VI: New and Significant Species of Saurauia from Northeastern Oaxaca.
Schultes: A Noteworthy Collection of Andira galeottiana.
Table of Contents/Index
Vol. IX: (Dec. 1940 -June 1941)
1. Williams, Louis O.: Orchid Studies XIII: New or Interesting Orchids: Ecuador and Colombia.
Schultes, Richard Evans : Plantae Mexicanae VII: Two Rare Endemics from Northeastern Oaxaca.
2. Schultes: Plantae Mexicanae VIII: New and Significant Species Pleurothallis from Oaxaca.
Williams: Orchids Studies XIV: A New Genus of the Orchidacea from Burma.
Schweinfurth, Charles: A New Species of Octomeria from Mt. Roraima.
4. Schultes: A Synopsis of the Genus Uroskinnera.
Schultes: A Range Extension for the Droseraceae.
6. Schultes: The Meaning and Usage of the Mexican Place-name "Chinantla".
7. Schultes: Plantae Mexicanae IX: Aechmea magdalenae and its Utilization as a Fibre Plant.
Williams: The Genus Papperitzia.
Schweinfurth: Nomenclatorial Notes XIII.
8. Correll, Donovan S.: The Genus Ponera.
Correll: Two New American Orchids.
9. Schultes : Plantae Mexicanae X: New or Critical Species from Oaxaca.
10. Schweinfurth: Orchidaceae Peruvianae II.
Schweinfurth: Nomenclatorial Notes XIV.
Table of Contents/Index
Vol. X: (June 1941 - Oct. 1942)
1. Correll, Donovan S.: Studies in Isochilus, Mormodes, and Hexalectris.
2. Schweinfurth, Charles.: A New Species of Aspasia from Panama.
Schweinfurth: Nomenclatorial Changes Hexadesmia to Scaphyglottis.
Schweinfurth: Nomenclatorial Changes in Species of Spiranthes Found in Peru.
Schweinfurth: Nomenclatorial Notes among South American Orchids.
Williams, Louis O.: Dichaea trichocarpa and Dichaea squarrosa.
3. Correll: Notes Concerning Some West Indian Orchids.
Ames, Oakes and Williams: Two Mexican Habenarias.
4. Ames and Correll: Some New or Noteworthy Guatemalan Orchids.
5. Schweinfurth: Orchidaceae Peruvianae III.
7. Schweinfurth: Orchidaceae Peruvianae IV.
8. Mangelsdorf , Paul C. and James W. Cameron: Western Guatemala: A Secondary Center of Origin of Cultivated Maize Varieties.
Table of Contents/Index
Vol. XI: (Jan. 1943 - April 1945)
1. Ames, Oakes and Donovan S. Correll: Notes on American Orchids.
2. Woodworth, Robert H.: Economic Plants of St. John, U.S. Virgin Islands.
Schweinfurth, Charles: An Orchid Novelty from Fiji.
3. Ames and Correll: Studies in Habenaria and Dichaea.
4. Schweinfurth: Orchidaceae Peruvianae V.
5. Summerhayes, V.S.: African Orchids XIII: The Leafless Angraecoid Orchids.
Schweinfurth: Nomenclatorial Note on a South American Orchid.
6. Schweinfurth: Notes on Tropical American Orchids.
7. Summerhayes: African Orchids Hybrids XIV: Ancistrorhynchus finet.
Schweinfurth: Notes on Peruvian Orchids.
8. Schweinfurth: Notes on Tropical American Orchids II.
9. Summerhayes: African Orchids XV.
10. Schweinfurth: Some Peruvian Maxillarias.
Table of Contents/Index
Vol. XII: (June 1945 - July 1947)
2. Mangelsdorf, Paul C.: The Origin and Nature of the Ear of Maize.
3. Summerhayes, V.S.: African Orchids XVI.
5.Williams, Louis O.: Orchidaceae Novae Guineae I.
Williams: Notes on the Family Corsiacea.
6. Schweinfurth: Orchidaceae Peruvianae VI.
7. Williams: New and Interesting Mexican Orchids.
Williams: Two Orchids from Haiti.
9. Cutler: Rubber Production in Ceara, Brazil.
Vol. XIII: (Sept. 1947 - June 1949)
3. Cutler, Hugh C. and Martin Cardenas: Chicha: A Native South American Beer.
4.Swamy, B.G.L.: Vascular Anatomy of Orchid Flowers.
7. Xolocotzi, Efraim Hernandez: Maize Granaries in Mexico.
Vol. XIV: (June 1949 - April 1951)
7. Smith, Jr., C.E.: Prehistoric Plant Remains from Bat Cave.
8. Gowda, M.: The Story of Pan Chewing in India.
9. Summerhayes, V.S.: New Orchids from Africa.
Summerhayes: A Revision of the Genus Angraecopsis.
10. Mangelsdorf, Paul C. and Douglas L. Oliver: Whence Came Maize to Asia?
Vol. XV: (May 1951 - Dec. 1952)
2. Schultes, Richard Evans: Plantae Austro-Americanae VII.
7. Roberts. David C. and E. S. Barghoorn: Medullosa olseniae: A Permian Medullosa from North Central Texas.
9. Towle: Plant Remains from a Peruvian Mummy Bundle.
Vol. XVI: (Feb. 1953 - Nov. 1954)
1. Schweinfurth, Charles: Miscellaneous Notes on Tropical American Orchids.
6. Dressler, Robert L.: The Pre-Columbian Cultivated Plants of Mexico.
10. Sampson, Dexter R.: On the Origin of Oats.
Vol. XVII: (May 1955 - March 1957)
1. Schultes, Richard Evans: A New Narcotic Genus from the Amazon Slope of the Colombian Andes.
Schultes: Pitch-yielding Trees of the Colombian Amazonia.
Schultes: A Note on the Genus Joannesia.
Schultes: A New Generic Concept in the Euphorbiaceae.
2. Schweinfurth, Charles: Further Notes on American Orchids.
4. Galinat, Walter C., P.C. Mangelsdorf and L. Pierson: Estimates of Teosinte Introgression in Archaeological Maize.
7. Schultes: Orchidaceae Noetropicales I.
Schweinfurth: Notes on Peruvian Orchids.
9. Schultes: A New Method of Coca Preparation in the Colombian Amazon.
Schultes: The Genus Quararibea in Mexico and the Use of its Flowers as a Spice for Chocolate.
Table of Contents/Index
Vol. XVIII: (June 1957 - April 1959)
1. Schultes, Richard Evans: The Identity of the Malpighiaceous Narcotics of South America.
3. Schultes: Orchidaceae Neotrpicales IV.
Garay, Leslie A.: Studies in American Orchids III.
Schweinfurth, Charles: A New Lepanthopsis from Venezuela.
5. Garay and Schultes: How Absurd Can a Nomenclatural Proposal Be?
Garay: Studies in Amreican Orchids IV.
Schweinfurth: Two Additions to the Orchid Flora of Venezuela.
Schultes: A Little Known Cultivated Plant in Northern South America.
6. Barclay, Arthur S.: New Considerations in an Old Genus: Datura.
Uscategui M, Nestor: The Present Distribution of Narcotics and Stimulant amongst the Indian Tribes of Colombia.
Schultes: Plantae Colombianae XV.
Schultes and Garay: On the Validity of the Generic Name Cochleanthes Raf.
7. Mangelsdorf, Paul C. and Robert G. Reeves: The Origin of Corn. I. Pod Corn: The Ancestral Form.
8. Reeves and Mangelsdorf: The Origin of Corn. II. Teosinte: A Hybrid of Corn and Tripsacum.
9. Reeves and Mangelsdorf: The Origin of Corn. III. Modern Races: The Product of Teosinte Introgression.
10. Mangelsdorf and Reeves: The Origin of Corn. IV. Place and Time of Origin.
Reeves and Mangelsdorf: The Origin of Corn. V. A Critique of Current Theories.
Table of Contents/Index
Vol. XIX: (Aug. 1959 - May 1962)
3. Garay, Leslie A.: On the Origin of the Orchidaceae.
5. Schultes, Richard Evans and Robert F. Raffauf: Prestonia: An Amazon Narcotic or Not?
Schultes: A Reputedly Toxic Malouetia from the Amazon.
6. A Letter by Mary Lee Ware: How Were the Glass Flowers Made?
7. Wasson, R. Gordon: The Hallucinogenic Fungi of Mexico: An Inquiry into the Origins of the Religious Idea among Primitive Peoples.
8. Galinat and Reynold J. Ruppe: Further Archaeological Evidence on the Effects of Teosinte Iintrogression in the Evolution of Modern Maize.
9. Bristol, Melvin Lee: Carludovica palmata in Broommaking.
Bristol: Neonelsonia: A Colombian Folk Medicine
Schweinfurth, Charles: Novelties in the Orchid Flora of the Guayana Highlands.
10. Patino, Victor Manuel: Edible Fruits of Solanum in South American Historic and Geographic References.
Schultes and Rafael Romero-Castaneda: Edible Fruits of Solanum in Colombia.
Vol. XX: (Aug. 1962 - Dec. 1964)
1. Schweinfurth, Charles: Novelties in the Orchid Flora of the Guayana Highlands II.
2. Wasson, R. Gordon: The Hallucinogenic Mushrooms of Mexico and Pailocybin: A Bibliography.
3. Epling, Carl and Carlos D. Jativa-M.: A New Species of Salvia from Mexico.
Wasson: A New Mexican Psychotropic Drug from the Mint Family.
Moore, Harold E. Jr.: Resia: A New Genus of Gesneriaceae.
5. Galinat, Walton C. and James H. Gunnerson: Spread of Eight-rowed Maize from the Prehistoric Southwest.
6. Wasson: Notes on the Present Status of Ololiughqui and the Other Hallucinogens of Mexico.
Hoffmann, Albert: The Active Principles of the Seeds of Rivea corymbosa and Ipomoea violacea.
9. Galinat, Raju S.K. Chaganti and Floyd D. Hager: Tripsacum as a Possible of Wild Maize and Manisuris.
Schultes: Plantae Colombianae XVII. De Plantis Regionis Amazonicae Notae.
Table of Contents/Index
Vol. XXI: (June 1965 - July 1967)
1. Heim, Roger and R. Gordon Wasson: The "Mushroom Madness" of the Kuma.
2. Irwin, Henry and Elso S. Barghoorn: Identification of the Pollen of Maize, Teosinte and Tripsacum by Phase Contrast Microscopy.
Turner, Joan B.: Ethnobotanical Notes on Simaba in Central Brazil.
3. Soejarto, Djaja D.: Baccaurea and its Uses.
4. Mangelsdorf, Paul C. and Mario Sanoja O.: Early Archaeological Maize from Venezuela.
5. Bristol, Melvin: The Psychotropic Banisteriopsis among the Sibundoy of Colombia.
6. Garay, Leslie A. and Herman R. Sweet: Natural and Artificial Hybrid Generic Names of Orchids: 1887-1965.
7. Corso, Auturo and Manuel Lopez: Boston Pollen Survey: 1965 Preliminary Report.
8. Bristol: Notes on the Species of Tree Daturas.
9. Garay: Studies in American Orchids VI.
Schultes, Richard Evans: De Plantis Toxicariis e Mundo Novo Tropicale Commentationes I.
Grobman, A.: Tripsacum in Peru.
10. Langenheim, Jean H., Betty L. Hackner and Alexandra Bartlett: Mangrove Pollen at the Depositional Site of Oligomiocene Amber from Chiapas, Mexico.
Table of Contents/Index
Vol. XXII: (Sept. 1967 - June 1970)
1. Mangelsdorf, Paul C., Herbert W. Dick and Julian Camara-Hernandez: Bat Cave Revisited.
3. Langenheim, Jean H.. and Curt W. Beck: Catalogue of Infrared Spectra of Fossil Resins (Ambers) I. North and South America.
5. Bristol, Melvin L.: Tree Datura Drugs of the Colombian Sibundoy.
6. Schultes: De Plantis Toxicaris e Mundo Novo Tropicale Commentationes V. Virola as an Orally Administered Hallucinogen.
7. A.J. Kosterman, Homer V. Pinkley, and William. L. Stern: A New Amazonian Arrow Poison: Ocotea venenosa.
Schultes: Blanche Ames Ames (1878-1969): An Appreciation.
Soejarto, Djaja D.: Four New Species of Saurauia from South America.
8. Garay, Leslie A. and H.R. Sweet: Natural and Artificial Hybrid Generic Names of Orchids.
Supplement I: Dec. 1966-1969.
10. Altschul, Siri von Reis: Ethnogynecological Notes in the Harvard University Herbaria.
Schultes: De Plantis Toxicaris e Mundo Novo Tropicale Commentationes VII. Several Ethnotoxicological Notes from the Colombian Amazon.
Table of Contents/Index
Vol. XXIII: (Jan. 1971 - May 1974)
1. Kamen-Kaye, Dorothy: Chimo: An Unusual Form of Tobacco in Venezuela.
4. Garay, Leslie A.: On the Systematics of the Monopodial Orchids. I.
5. Deltgen, Florian and Hans Gerd Kauer: The Claudius Case.
6. Plowman, Timothy: Four New Brunfelsias from Northwestern South America..
Lockwood, Tom E.: Generic Recognition of Brugmansia.
7. Sheviak, Charles J.: A New Spiranthes from the Grasslands of Central North America.
Garay: Studies in American Orchids. IX.
8. Wasson, R.Gordon: The Role of 'Flowers' in Nahuatl Culture: A Suggested Interpretation.
10. Garay: On the Systematics of the Monopodial Orchids II.
Table of Contents/Index
Vol. XXIV: (July 1974 - Dec. 1976)
1. Furst, Peter T.: Archaeological Evidence for Snuffing in Prehispanic Mexico.
2. Anderson, Loran C.: A Study of Systematic Wood Anatomy in Cannabis.
Plowman, Timothy C.: Two New Brazilian Species of Brunfelsia.
3. Mangelsdorf, Paul C. and Gordon C. Pollard: Archaeological Maize from Northern Chile.
5. Bye, Robert A., Jr., Don Burgess, and Albino Mare Trias: Ethnobotany of the Western Tarahumara of Chihuahua, Mexico I. Notes on the Genus Agave.
6. Duke, James A., David Aulik, and Plowman.: Nutritional Value of Coca.
Schultes, Richard Evans: De Plantis Toxicaris e Mundo Novo Tropicale Commentationes XIII. Notes on Poisonous or Medicinal Malpighiaceous Species of the Amazon.
7. Stacy, John E.: Studies in the Genus Oncidium I. (With color plates).
8. Schultes: Plantae Colombianae XIX. E Partibus Amazonicis Witotorum Plantae Fructuariae Sativae Novae.
Venkateswarlu, J., et al.: Pachytene Chromosome Morphology and its Bearing on Interspecific and Intergeneric Relationships of Coix.
Constance, Lincoln, and Robert A. Bye, Jr.: New Chihuahuan Umbelliferae.
Constance, Lincoln, et al: Chromosome Numbers in Chihuahuan Umbelliferae.
9. Garay, Leslie A. and Peter Taylor: The Genus Oeceoclades Lindl.
10. Wilbert, Johannes: Manicaria saccifera and its Cultural Significance among the Warao Indians of Venezuela.
Table of Contents/Index
Vol. XXV: (Dec. 1976 - Dec. 1977)
1. Leo, Richard F. and Elso S. Barghoorn: Silification of Wood.
2. Seidenfaden, Gunnar: Thalia Maravara and the Rigid Air-blossom: Notes on some Species of Acampe (Orchidaceae).
Kamen-Kaye, Dorothy: Ichthyotoxic Plants and the Term "Barbasco".
3. Schultes, Richard Evans: Albert Frederick Hill (1889-1977) and Economic Botany.
Schultes: De Plantis Toxicariis e Mundo Novo Tropicale Commentationes XV. Desfontainia: A New Andean Hallucinogen..
Zardini, Elsa M. The Identification of an Argentine Narcotic.
4. Schultes: De Plantis Toxicariis e Mundo Novo Tropicale Commentationes XVI. Miscellaneous Notes on Biodynamic Plants of South America.
5. Weil, Andrew T.: The Use of Psychoactive Mushrooms in the Pacific Northwest: An Ethnopharmacologic Report.
6. Schultes and Alec Bright: A Native Drawing of an Hallucinogenic Plant from Colombia.
Li, Hui-Lin: Hallucinogenic Plants in Chinese Herbals.
7. Rosengarten, Frederic, Jr.: An Unusual Spice from Oaxaca: The Flowers of Quararibea funebris.
Sharma, G.K. Cannabis Folklore in the Himalayas.
Coughlin, Elizabeth A.: Chemical Test for Identification of Coprolites.
8. Grobman, Alexander, Duccio Bonavia and David H. Kelley et al.: Study of Pre-Ceramic Maize from Huarmey, North Central Coast of Peru.
9. Schultes: A New Infrageneric Classification of Hevea.
10. Schultes, Bo Holmstedt, Jan Erik Lindgren and Laurent River: De Plantis Toxicariis e Mundo Novo Tropicale Commentationes XVIII. Phytochemical Examination of Spruce's Ethnobotanical Collection of Anadenanthera peregrina.
Plowman, Timothy: Brunfelsia in Ethnomedicine.
Table of Contents/Index
Vol. XXVI: (Jan. 1978- Dec. 1978)
1. Garay, Leslie A.: Studies in American Orchids X.
Sweet, Herman R.: Revision of the Genus Masdevallia I.
Stacy, John E.: Studies in the Genus OncidiumII.
2-4. Aramik, Stanley M. and Elso S. Barghoorn.: Bibliography of Precambrian Paleontogy and Paleobiology.
5. Schultes, Richard Evans: De Plantis Toxicariis e Mundo Novo Tropicale Commentationes XXIII. Notes on Biodynamic Plants of Aboriginal Use in the Northwestern Amazonia.
Holmstedt, B., J.E. Lindgren, L. Rivier, and T. Plowman: Cocaine in Blood of Coca Chewers.
Plowman, T., L. Rudenberg, and C.W. Greene: Chromosome Numbers in Neotropical Erythoxylum (Erythroxylaceae).
6. Wasson, R. Gordon.: Soma Brought Up to Date.
Schultes, Richard Evans: De Plantis Toxicariis e Mundo Novo Tropicale Commentationes XXIII. Ethnopharmacological Notes from Northern South America.
7. Mangelsdorf, Paul C., Elso S. Barghoorn and Umesh C. Banerjee: Fossil Pollen and the Origin of Corn.
8. Cooper-Driver, Gillian A. and Michael J. Balick: Effects of Field Preservation on the Flavonoid Content of Jessenia bataua.
Schultes: De Plantis Toxicariis e Mundo Novo Tropicale Commentationes XXV. Biodynamic Acanthaceous Plants of the Northwest Amazon.
Table of Contents/Index
Vol. XXVII: (Jan. 1979 - Dec. 1979)
1-2. Hunziker, Armando T. and Rosa Sublis: Salpiglossis, Leptoglossis and Reyesia (Solanacea) A Synoptical Survey.
Plowman, Timothy: The Identity of AMazonian and Trujillo Coca.
5-6. Schultes, Richard Evans and Alec Bright: Ancient Gold Pectorals from Columbia: Mushroom Effigies?
Schultes: Discovery of an Ancient Guayusa Plantation in Colombia.
Shemluck, Melvin: The Flowers of Ilex Guayusa.
Coughlin, Elizabeth: Cheical Test for Silica Derterminations as an Archeological Feature in Ethnobotany.
7-9. Garay, Leslie A.: Systematics of the Genus Stelis Sw.
10. Hart, Jeff A.: The Ethnobotany of the Flathead Indians of Western Montana.
Table of Contents/Index
Vol. XXVIII: (May 1981- June 1982)
2. Schultes, Richard Evans and Norman R. Farnsworth: Ethnomedical, Botanical and Phytochemical Aspects of Natural Hallucinogens.
3. Holmstedt, B., J.E. Lindgren, T. Plowman, L. Rivier, Schultes and O. Tovar: Indole Alkaloids in Amazonian Myristicaceae: Field and Labortatory Research.
Morgan, George R.: The Ethnobotany of Sweet Flag among North American Indians..
Schultes: De Plantis Toxicariis e Mundo Novo Tropicale Commentationes XXVII. Folk Uses of Colombian Species of Brunellia and Weinmannia.
Plowman, Timothy: Chamairo: Mussatia hyacintha: An Admixture to Coca from Amazonian Peru and Bolivia.
Balick, Michael J.: Wallace, Spruce and Palm Trees of the Amazon: An Historical Perspective.
Schultes: De Plantis Toxicariis e Mundo Novo Tropical Commentationes XXIX. A Suspected New Amazonian Hallucinogen.
4. Garay, Leslie: A Generic Revision of the Spiranthinae.
Table of Contents/Index
Vol. XXIX: (April 1983 - May 1984)
1. Soejarto, Djaja D., Cesar M. Compadre and A. Douglas Kinghorn: Ethnobotanical Notes on Stevia.
Rury, Phillip M.: Pareira Brava: 19th Century Notes and Commercial Samples from E.R. Squibb, M.D..
Schultes, Richard Evans: De Plantis Toxicariis e Mundo Novo Tropicale Commentations XXX. Biodynamic Guttiferous Plants of the Northwest Amazon.
Davis, E. Wade: Notes on the Ethnomycology of Boston's Chinatown.
3. Davis, E. Wade and James A. Yost: The Ethnobotany of the Waorani of Eastern Ecuador.
Wasson, R. Gordon: The Last Meal of the Buddah.
Schultes, Richard Evans: De Plantis Toxicariis e Mundo Novo Tropicale Commentationes XXXII Notes. Primarily of Field Tests and Native Nomenclatures, on Biodynamic Plants of the Northwest Amazon.
Plowman, Timothy: New Species of Erythroxylum from Brazil and Venezuela.
Davis and James A. Yost: Novel Hallucinogens from Eastern Ecuador.
Table of Contents/Index
Vol. XXX: (November 1984 - June 1986)
1. Botanical Museum Staff: The Botanical Museum of Harvard in its 125th Year: 1858-1983.
2. Kamen-Kaye, Dorothy: Studies in Bark Cloth: I Polynesia.
Hart, Jeffrey A.: A New Species of Lepechinia Willd. (Lamiaceae).
Wetmore, Ralph H.: Frank W. Hankins (1897-1983): An Appreciation.
Schultes, Richard Evans and Hernando Garcia-Barriga: A New Species Prunus from Colombia.
Kittredge: Notes on the Orchid Flora of New Guinea I..
Wilder, George J.: Anatomy of Noncostal Portions of Lamina in the Cyclanthaceae (Monocotyledoneae). V. Tables of Data.
3. Balick, Michael J.: The Indigenous Palm Flora of "Las Gaviotas," Colombia, Including Observations on Local Names and Uses.
Kittredge: A Note on the Identity and Typification of Glossorhyncha Keysseri Schltr.
Rollins, Reed C.: Elso Sterrenberg Barghoorn (1915-1984): An Appreciation.
Garay, Leslie A. and Kittredge: Notes from the Ames Orchid Herbarium.
Schultes: De Plantis Toxicariis e Mundo Novo Tropical Commentationes XXXVI. A Novel Method of Utilizing the Hallucinogenic Banisteriopsis.
4. Siegerist, Emly S.: The Genus Dimerandra.
Garay: Olim vanillaceae.
Schultes: De Plantis Toxicariis e Mundo Novo Tropicale Commentationes XXVIII. Ethnobotanical Notes on Cucurbits of the Northwest Amazon.
Kawanishi, Kazuko, Robert F. Raffauf and Schultes: The Aryocaraceae as a Source of Fish Poisons in the Northwest Amazon.
Schultes and Raffauf: De Plantis Toxicariis e Mundo Novo Tropicale commentationes XXXVII. Miscellaneous Notes on Medical and Toxic Plants of the Northwest Amazon.
Table of Contents/Index