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R. Gordon Wasson (1898-1986)


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Drawer 1. - Exhibition boards; photographs and color plates of mushrooms

Drawer 2. - 2 framed illustrations: one watercolor of mushrooms by E. Von Ingen; one drawing of P. Wassonii Heim. Miscellaneous illustrations, negatives, slides, and photographs of mushrooms 2 typed lists of Wasson Library materials by Chris Brown. Framed materials: one framed photo of RGW; one framed citation, Addison Emery Verrill Medal/Yale/ Peabody Museum/1983; one framed certificate, New York Botanical Garden award to VPW & RGW, 1958; Japanese art books

Drawer 3. - Illustrations for The Wondrous Mushroom: original art work, maps, charts, illustrations, photos, and color transparencies.

Drawer 4. - Japanese prints: two folders of original woodblock prints, photos of Hokusai prints, and seven large prints in one folder. Four large and three smaller prints in another folder. One small print in green paper folder depicting men landing passengers and cargo on a beach. Color print, depicting mushroom gathering. Illustrated chart on shiitake cultivation in cream folder. Calligraphy book.

Drawer 5. - Miscellaneous illustrations and color photographs of mushroom stones, Maria Sabinas, Mexico, and artifacts.

Drawer 6. - Miscellaneous drawings by Margaret Seeler, et al. Several large photos depicting Mexican Indians, etc. A set of plates from Les Champignons Hallucinogenes du Mexique. Various magazine articles and photos of works of art from museums. Exhibition posters. A portfolio of color prints from the Houghton Library. Miscellaneous illustrations and color photographs.

Drawer 7. - Various maps, mostly of Mexico and India. Original drawings of maps of Mexico which have appeared in Wasson's publications.

Drawer 8. - Slides and roll of film. Illustrations for Soma: slides, photos, A. muscaria, from Japan. Watercolor copy of Plaincouralt frescoe. Photostats of maps and charts from Soma. Slides include those of netsuke at Paul Blum's house.

Drawer 9. - "6 Opere di Telemaco Signorini," a portfolio of reproductions of paintings, printed on linen. "I Mesi Dell'Anno: Dell'Arazzeria Fiorentina su Cartoni di Francesco Ubertini detto il Bachiacca," a portfolio of reproductions of paintings, printed on linen. "Paesaggi Campestri, ed altere composizioni, di Marco Ricci, Francesco Zuccarrelli, and Giuseppe Zais." Reading Public Museum exhibit photos, cassette tapes, audio magnetic tapes of Maria Sabina. 1 audio cassette tape and 1 reel to reel tape of Mazatec whistle speech.

Drawer 10. - Miscellaneous drawings and photographs, including a calligraphic poster by Tim Girvin. Photographs of mushrooms, including an electron micrography of Panaeolus foenisecii, 100,000x. Charts of the Sanskrit alphabet, slides, miscellaneous negatives, folders of SOMA original illustrations and photos & microfilm rolls of Taoist Canon

Drawer 11. - Original illustrations, photos, and proofs for Mushrooms Russia and History, including Heim's original watercolors for Life Magazine and TW's original watercolor of accessories used in the mushroom rite. Miscellaneous: primitive lighter from India, dried various mushroom species, peyote buttons, poisonous seed (Abrus precatoria, Rhincosia pyramidalis, etc.). OLOLIUHQUI bibliography cards. Slides, audio cassette tapes, miscellaneous photos, & artifacts, Keewaydinoquay.

Drawer 12. - Slides, photos, Mexico, 1959 and Salvia Diviniorum, 1962.

Drawer 13. - Slides, photos, Mexico, 1959 and Salvia Divinorum 1962.

Drawer 14. - One small vessel-shaped artifact with two tools and piece of wood, laced around the top edge, boxes of miscellaneous specimens, box containg a plate and Psilocybe Wassoni with stand, reel to reel audio tapes: Folk Ways audio recordings, Maria Sabina velada. Reel to reel audio tapes: Mexican mushroom ceremony, July 1958. Video recordings of Maria Sabinas. Miscellaneous specimens. Miscellaneous slides. Two cases of color stereo slides with viewer. Case 1: Huautla, 1953; Mixeria, 1954. Case 2: Huautla de Jimenez, 1955; San Augustin Loxicha.

MISCELLANEOUS SLIDES IN METAL BOXES, 1953-1975: (stored in flat file)

Mexico I. Close-ups of hallucinogenic mushrooms, 1953, 1955, 1956. Various species. Salvia divinorum. Roger Heim's watercolor pictures of mushrooms.

Mexico II Allan Richardson's photos of Wassons' trip to the Mixeria in 1954, the eastern section of it, San Juan Mazatlan or, otherwise called, Mazatlan de los Mixes.

Mexico III. Maria Sabina: first velada, June 29/30, 1955; second velada, July 2/3, 1955; and third velada, July 1956.

Mexico IV. Huautla, 1955, also 1953. And with Roger Heim in Huautla, 1956. Dr. Salvador Guerra Beltran & daughters. "Shoemakers," all reported to be murderers, lived across the way from Herlinda's house. Domestic life of Wasson party, 1956. Town Hall, officials, Erasto Pineda, Presidents, Cayetano Garcia, Sindico. Broadcasting from platform of Town Hall to market place on Sunday, all officials lined up with bastones of office. Cayetano next to Erasto. 1955. Heim, Wasson, and party looking for sacred mushrooms in Barrio Mixteca. Mushroom foray to La Regadera. Mushroom foray to Rancho del Cura.

Mexico V. San Augustin Loxicha, 1955. Zapotec, southeast of Miahautlan. R.J.W., R.G.W., Howard Brunson, Francisco Ortego ("Chico"), El sabio Aristeo Matias. Yaitepec (near Juaquila, Oax.), in Chitino country, 1956. R.H., R.G.W., Bill Upson.

Mexico VI. 1958. Santa Maria Tonantzintla. Herlinda's house and courtyard. Tom Davis and R.G.W. Drying Ki3sol[?]. Landslide mushrooms, derrumbe, Ki3sol[?]; girls in Mazatec costume.

Rite of Sacred Mushroom. Boy, ill, learns he is to die. Entire velada taped, 1958. Rio Santiago and Psi, yungensis mushrooms. Rio Santiago. Herlinda and Eduardo Garcia. Leaving the enchanted hills by animal en route to San Jeronimo. Emerging by Tom Davis' jeep from San Jeronimo.

Mexico VII. 1959. Huautla with Roger Heim. Zacatepec in the Mixeria. Cotzocon: Imrgard, M.V.X., R.G.W., Chico went there. Zacatepec. (Our trip to Zacatepec was a fiasco. The Cacique, polite to us, has been opposed to the use of hallucinogenic mushrooms and no one dared open up to us. Irmgard and I went to Cotzocon with Masha and Chico to see whether we would be more successful. The Cacique's word was law there also.)

Mexico VIII. 1961. Jewelry found at Monte Alban. Maria Sabina, ska4 pastora, Roger Heim, Huautla. Regadera. Ayautla; Dona Donata, Esperanza, Borja, Irmgard. Place trip to Popo and Monte Alban. San Miguel Progreso and Chicahuastla. Weaving, carding, spinning in San Miguel Progreso.

Mexico IX. 1962 (except for very few marked 1960). Puebla, Pauhatlan. Atla, Pauhatlan. With the Hofmanns, enroute from Cordoba through Jalapa de Diaz to Ayautla. Dona Donata and activities in Ayautla in her establishment. San Jose Tenango, enroute to Huautla, Dona Rosaura and Agripino. Ipomoea violacea. Between Rio Santiago and Huautla.

Mexico X. 1975. Lacandones, Choles, Palenque. Xochipilli statue. Santa Maria Tonantzintla. Mushroom effigies, stone and clay. Sandoz analysis of mushrooms: Hofmann, Brack, Kobel Chemistry. Illustrations for MYCOLATRY.

Afghanistan I. Spring 1964. Kabul and surroundings. Herat and surroundings. In Nuristan, with Georg Morgenstierne. (Focusing on the eastern, Pakistan side, with Kamdesh and Bogromatal the centers of attention, where they speak Katei and where one old man recited for us 46 generations of his ancestors, tapering off into a few eponymous heroes.)

Afghanistan II. Spring 1964 continued. Touring in the north, Bamian east to Badakhshan (where the Wakhan Corridor starts), and west to ancient communities. See my diary for details.) Cambodia, 1965.

Two Trips to the Orient with Roger Heim. New Guinea, seeking explanation of "mushroom madness" of Kuma. 1963. India, Santal Parganas R.G.W. alone in 1965, with R.H. in 1967). Puri at moment of Juggernaut (Jaganath) festival, Konarak, Bhubaneshwar, Baripada, Bisoi, Simlipal Hills. Then Ramchi, Dumka Kathikund (Santal Parganas). Sanchi, views of Buddhist Stupa showing the chattra at peak of dome of Stupa.



Box A. Pocket diaries.
Box B. Field notebooks.
Box C. Maria Sabina exhibit, mounted color prints and signage.


Correspondence and Other Papers Relating to General Mycological Research, 1945-1986, 1990

Correspondence and Other Papers Relating to International Mycological Field Work, 1945-1986

Correspondence and Other Papers Relating to Mycological and Etymological Investigations, 1936, 1945-1985

Correspondence and Other Papers Relating to Publishing and Publishing Activities, 1950-1985

Correspondence and Other Papers Relating to General Interests, 1930-1931, 1942-1968

Correspondence and Other Papers Relating to Gifts and Gift of the Wasson Library to Harvard University, 1960-1986

Monograph Drafts, Proofs, and Typescripts, n.d.

Translations of Printed and Audio Materials, 1958-1971

Pocket Diaries and Field Notebooks, 1949-1983

Research Bibliographies, n.d.



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