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R. Gordon Wasson (1898-1986)


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1. Mushroom stone, pre-classic period. Anthropomorphic figure, seated cross-legged, with mushroom cap, carved of dark brown volcanic stone.

2. Mushroom stone, early classic period. Coati-mundi on stipe, light brown stone. Approx. 31 cm high.

3. Mushroom stone, late classic period. Tripod base, with stylized face on stipe, roughly carved of grey stone. Approx. 25 cm high.

4. Remojadas artifact: a terra cotta figurine from the Remojadas culture, near Veracruz, depicting a female shaman, one hand on a mushroom, the other raised in invocation. Parts of the piece are painted with black bitumen; reassembled but not restored. 30.5 cm high; not numbered.

5. Pottery mushroom figurine: red clay, fired, with a face modeled on the stipe, pileus with incised decorations. Base restored. Approx. 19 cm high.

6. Nazca bowl: beige pottery, painted with designs resembling mushrooms. 22.5 cm diameter. Given to RGW by Robert Graves.

7. Porcelain plate: painted, depicting Ipomoea tricolor CAV [morning glory]. 22 cm diameter.

8. Plaque: gold leaf over blue enamel, depicting Psilocybe Wassonii Heim [mushroom], inscribed "With compliments of Payak to Prof. R.G. Wasson."

9. Bronze ju-ji: Chinese, a representation of the ling-chi, Ganoderma lucidum, carried in processions by officials as a sign of authority. Approx. 60 cm.

10. Tengu mask: Japanese, carved wood, with red paint and gilding. Tengu is a demon in Japanese mythology. Approx. 32 cm from chin to top of head, with a long nose.

11. Tengu mask: Japanese, papier-mache [paper with plaster], painted red and brown with gilding. Approx. 22 cm from chin to forehead.

12. Okame: Japanese, carved wooden figurine of the goddess of female sensuality holding a mushroom in a basket. 25 cm high.

13. Okame: Japanese, glazed pottery figurine, as above. Approx. 13 cm high.

14. Ling-chi: dried fungus, with double pileus. [Sent to Gray Herbarium.]

15. Ling-chi: dried fungus, with single pileus. [Sent to Gray Herbarium.]

16. Ling-chi: facsimile of carved wood.

17. Ling-chi: facsimile of bamboo and wood.

18. Ling-chi: facsimile of carved staghorn.

19. Vase: Chinese, white porcelain with blue painted designs, including deer and ling-chi. 23.5 cm high.

20. Jade screen: carved green jade, scene in relief, including mushrooms growing on a tree. 9 cm by 16 cm; on a carved and painted wooden base.

21. Carnelian round screen: Chinese, red and white, eight fairy figures carved in relief, scene includes tree fungi. 12.5 cm diameter; on a carved wooden base.

22. Jade vase: Chinese, dark green jade, depicting a hollow tree [?] with mushrooms growing on it. Approx. 19 cm high; on a carved wooden base.

23. Jade vase: similar to #22 above, but of light green jade. Approx. 16 cm high; on a carved wooden base.

24. Carved jade: light green, moon with waves and ling-chi. Approx. 12 cm high; on a carved wooden base.

25. Carved jade, Early Ming dynasty 1368-1398: white and brown, resting deer with ling-chi. Approx. 11 cm long; on a carved wooden base.

26. Carnelian: red and white, rising sun with ling-chi. Approx. 10 cm high; on a carved wooden base.

27. Carnelian vase: red and white, small, with ling-chi. Approx. 5 cm high; on a carved wooden base.

28. Carnelian: red and white, resting crane with ling-chi. Approx. 4 cm high by 5 cm long; on a carved wooden base.

29. Carnelian vase: red and white, small, with ling-chi; on a carved wooden base.

30. Carnelian: red and white, rocky peach and fruit, with ling-chi. Approx. 6 cm high by 12 cm long; on a carved wooden base.

31. Carved jade, latticework disk: depicting deer and mushrooms. Approx. 5.5 cm diameter; on a carved wooden base.

32. Carved jade: white, four Happiness Boys carrying flowers and a mushroom. 8 cm high; on a carved wooden base.

33. Carved jade: light green, sage contemplating a ling-chi. 6.5 cm high; on a carved wooden base.

34. Carved jade vase: light green, small, with bird, bamboo, and ling-chi. 7.5 cm high; on a carved wooden base.

35. Carved jade vase: medium green, with bird, flowers, and ling-chi. 9cm by 13 cm; on a carved wooden base.

36. Carved jade screen: black and white nephrite, with dragon and tiger design, and ling-chi. 4.5 cm by 6.5 cm.

37. Carved jade ju-ji scepter: ling-chi design, chain at end, all carved from a single piece of light green jade. 38 cm long.

38. Carved jade disk: light green, depicting ling-chi and tiger. 5.5 cm diameter.

39. Carved jade disk: light green, similar in design to #38 above. 5cm diameter.

40. Carved jade disk: light green, similar in design to #38 and #39. 4 cm diameter.

41. Carved jade vase: dark green, depicting two tigers, two bats, and ling-chi, carved in relief. 13.5 cm high by 4.5 cm wide at top; with a carved wooden base; all in a silk covered padded box.

42. Carved jade vase: white, with areas of brown and green, ling-chi carved into brown area, bamboo into green area. 4 cm high; carved wooden base.

43. Carved jade: grey and brown, resting crane with fruiting peach branch in its beak. 5.5 cm high by 6 cm long by 3 cm wide at base.

44. Carved jade: mostly brownish-grey, with light green patch. Grey area depicting a deer with flowering branch in its mouth. Light green area depicting a crane holding a ling-chi in its beak. 6.5 cm high.

45. Carved jade ink well: nephrite spinach, depicting a phoenix with ling-chi in its beak. A low, wide piece 3 cm high by 6.5 cm wide by 10 cm long.

46. Carved jade: white with golden brown areas, mushrooms and bat design, bat carved into brown area. 2.5 cm high by 5 cm long; on a carved wooden base.

47. Carved jade: white, fruiting branch and bar design. 3 cm high by 5.5 cm long; on a carved wooden base.

48. Carved jade: greyish-brown, mushrooms and bat design. 3.5 cm high by 5.5 cm long.

49. Carved jade: light green, depicting fish and waves [or spouting whale?]. 4.5 cm by 5.5 cm flat piece; without base.

50. Carved jade: light green, three mushroom design. 3.5 cm by 4.5 cm; without base.

51. Carved jade: light green, two mushrooms. 3 cm by 4.5 cm; without base.

52. Carved jade: white, ling-chi in high relief. 2 cm by 6.5 cm by 2 cm high.

53. Carved jade hanging ornament: white, floral lattice work with ling-chi on rectangular plaque in center. 6 cm by 8.5 cm.

54. Carved jade: dark mottled brown, hanging bat with ling-chi. 4 cm by 6 cm.

55. Carved jade: grey, ling-chi design. 3 cm by 7 cm; red silk cord attached for hanging.

56. Carved jade: light green, mushrooms with ling-chi. 3.5 cm by 4.5 cm.

57. Carved jade: pale green, mushrooms with beetle on reverse side. 4 cm by 7 cm.

58. Carved jade: pale green, three mushrooms. 3.5 cm by 7 cm.

59. Carved jade: black and translucent brown, two monkeys in black area, ling-chi design in brown area on reverse. 3.5 cm by 4 cm.

60. Chinese porcelain snuff bottle, Chien Lung period of Ching dynasty, 1736-1796: blue and red. Bat and ling-chi design.

61. Chinese glass snuff bottle, Chien Lung period: red overlay, ling-chi, dragon. and phoenix design.

62. Chinese haircrystal snuff bottle, Chien Lung period: ling-chi design.

63. Chinese agate snuff bottle, Chien Lung period: swan and ling-chi design.

64. Chinese glass snuff bottle, Chien Lung period: ling-chi, swan, and pine tree design.

65. Chinese porcelain snuff bottle, Yung Chen period of Ching dynasty, 1723-1734: ling-chi, deer, and pine tree design.

66. Chinese glass snuff bottle, Chien Lung period: red overlay, ling-chi, bat, and peach design.

67. Chinese yellow jade, brown skin snuff bottle, Chien Lung period: ling-chi and pine tree design.

68. Chinese agate snuff bottle, Chien Lung period: ling-chi and deer design.

69. Chinese glass snuff bottle: white with coral stopper, ling-chi and flower design, in blue, green, pink, yellow, and brown.

70. Chinese carnelian snuff bottle: ling-chi, bats, and fruiting peach branch design. Peaches carved in high relief. Stopper lacking.

71. Pair of minuki [decorations for the handle of a long sword]. Black steel with gold inlay. One minuki perhaps depicts Okame; the other is in the form of a mushroom and fan. Each is approx. 1.5 cm by 1.5 cm; in a plush lined wooden box. These minuki were for a lady's sword, as no samuri would have Okame on the handle of his sword. They date from the Meiji period or later.

72. Tsuba [sword hilt]. Forged steel, with decorative overlays of copper, depicting flowers and mushrooms.

73. Tsuba [sword hilt]. Forged steel, with stamped design around the edge resembling the gills of a mushroom.

74. Kozuka [sheath for a small dagger carried with the long sword]. Copper, with overlay designs of steel, gold, depicting mushrooms, etc. 0.5 cm by 1.5 cm by 10 cm.

75. Little boat of carved wood. Removable top conceals a phallic mushroom in the interior. 2 cm by 2.5 cm by 5 cm.

76. Gold lacquer inroh [medicine box] with ojime [sliding bead] and a wooden mushroom netsuke. Inroh measures 2.5 cm by 5.5 cm by 6 cm; signed.

77. Ojime, in the form of mushrooms. Brass with gold. Approx. 1.5 cm diameter.

78. Ojime. Iron, with gold and silver highlights, Large and small mushroom, with snail crawling up the large one. 2.5 cm high, 2 cm diameter across pileus.

79. Pair of mushrooms, one large, one small. Cast bronze. 1 cm by 3 cm.

80. Pair of tiny mushrooms, one larger than the other, joined at base of stipes. Carved bone or ivory. 1 cm by 1.5 cm.

81. Pair of tiny mushrooms joined at base of stipes. Carved bone or ivory. 1.5 cm by 2.5 cm.

82. Ivory netsuke, with Okame sprawled on top of mushroom. 5.5 cm long, 2 cm wide at top.

83. Old ivory [?] netsuke. Large, dark brown mushroom with small mushroom on stipe. 4 cm high.

84. Ivory netsuke. Yellow, mushroom with snail on stipe. 6 cm long.

85. Ivory netsuke. Two mushrooms joined at right angles, end of stipe of one touching top of pileus of the other. Larger mushroom 2.5 cm diameter.

86. Wooden netsuke. Single mushroom [reishi]. 4.5 cm long, pileus 3 cm diameter.

87. Wooden netsuke. Pair of mushrooms joined by stipes. Larger mushroom 4 cm diameter across pileus. Signed.

88. Staghorn netsuke. Mushroom, pine cone, and chestnut. 7 cm along the longest axis.

89. Ivory netsuke. Pair of mushrooms bent over to base of piece. 2.5 cm diameter at base.

90. Carnelian netsuke. Carved red stone with mushroom motif. 2 cm by 2.5 cm by 3.5 cm.

91. Carnelian netsuke. Similar to #90 but smaller. 1.5 cm by 2 cm by 3 cm.

92. Ivory netsuke. Mushroom with vascular plant. 6 cm long.

93. Staghorn netsuke. Mushroom with slug [?] on underside of pileus. 4 cm diameter.

94. Wooden netsuke. Three mushrooms, one large, two small, joined at base of stipes and by pilei. 5 cm diameter.

95. Ivory netsuke. Mushroom with two smaller mushrooms on pileus. 3.5 cm diameter.

96. Staghorn or bone netsuke. Mushroom with two small mushrooms lying across pileus and snail crawling under them. 3.5 cm diameter.

97. Wooden netsuke. Toad on a mushroom. 4 cm diameter.

98. Wooden netsuke. Single mushroom with recurved stipe. Pileus: 3.5 cm diameter; signed.

99. Wooden netsuke. Two mushrooms, one upside down on the other. 2.5 cm by 3 cm by 4 cm.

100. Ivory netsuke. Basket with four mushrooms. 2.5 cm by 3.5 cm by 4.5 cm.

101. Wooden netsuke. Two large mushrooms, one small mushroom. 3.5 cm high by 3 cm diameter.

102. Ivory netsuke. Thirteen shimeji mushrooms in a cluster. 3.5 cm high, 2 cm by 2 cm at base.

103. Wooden netsuke, enormous matsutake mushroom. Infant in swadling clothes but with adult Okame face tied to it. 4.5 cm high, pileus 3 cm diameter, base of stipe 2 cm diameter.

104. Wooden netsuke. Woman bearing enormous mushroom on her back. 5 cm high; feet mended.

105. Ivory netsuke. Light brown, Okame embracing an enormous mushroom. 4 cm high, 2 cm by 2.5 cm at base; signed.

106. Ivory netsuke. Okame resting her left hand on an inverted mushroom of her own height. 2.5 cm high, 1 cm by 2.5 cm at base.

107. Ivory netsuke. Okame carrying a mushroom on the nape of her neck. 6 cm high; signed. [This piece is a fake and was included in the collection by Mr. Wasson as an example of the type of imitation netsukes made for export, long after they had ceased to be worn in Japan.]

108. Wooden netsuke. Okame embracing an enormous mushroom. 4.5 cm high, 1.5 cm by 2.5 cm at base; signed.

109. Wooden netsuke. One large mushroom with three smaller mushrooms on stipe. 3 cm high, base of pileus approx. 2 cm by 3 cm diameter.

110. Wooden netsuke. Five mushrooms of varying size in a group. 3 cm high, 2 cm diameter at base, 3.5 cm diameter across top of piece; signed.

111. Wooden netsuke. Three large mushrooms, four tiny mushrooms at bases of stipes. 4 cm high.

112. Wooden netsuke. Group of mushrooms with intertwining stems, reddish-brown paint, with black highlights. Overall shape of piece is a flattened oval. 3 cm high.

113. Ivory netsuke. Matsutake mushroom with monkey climbing on undersurface of pileus. 2.5 cm by 4 cm by 4 cm.

114. Ivory netsuke. Clothed monkey bearing enormous matsutake mushroom upright on his shoulder. 7 cm long; toes of right foot broken.

115. Staghorn or bone netsuke. Rat on a leaf, with two mushrooms, one near his hindquarters, the other below his nose, on the underside of the piece. 6 cm long.

116. Ivory netsuke. Mushroom, with bushy-tailed rodent climbing through a hole in the pileus, on which it has been gnawing. Two small leaves on upper surface of pileus. 4.5 cm by 5 cm by 2.5 cm.

117. Ivory netsuke. Mushroom with pitted pileus, penetrated by bushy-tailed animal. 4.5 cm diameter.

118. Staghorn netsuke. Mushroom, with rat on underside of pileus. 3 cm high, 4.5 cm by 5 cm diameter.

119. Ivory? or bone? netsuke. Golden-brown color, four mushrooms, one large, three small, joined at base of stipes. 2 cm high by 2.5 cm wide by 6 cm long; signed.

120. Wooden netsuke. Two rats feasting on a basket of mushrooms. 1.5 cm high by 3.5 cm wide by 4.5 cm long; not numbered.

121. Staghorn netsuke. Large mushroom and two chestnuts, with small monkey pushing up on stipe from the bottom. 8 cm long.

122. Staghorn netsuke. Large mushroom and two chestnuts, small monkey carrying mushroom by base of stipe. Similar in design to #121 but the workmanship is not as fine. 7.5 cm long.

123. Ivory netsuke. Monkey bearing enormous mushroom by edge of pileus. 6 cm long; signed.

124. Ivory netsuke. Mushroom with snail on undersurface of pileus. 4 cm diameter.

125. Ivory netsuke. Tree limb, with mushrooms and elongated snail. 1.5 cm wide by 8.5 cm long; signed.

126. Wooden signature seal. Handle in form of mushrooms. 5 cm high.

127. Wooden netsuke. Three fungi, one large and two small, dark brown, shiny wood. 2 cm by 3 cm by 4.5 cm; signed.

128. Wooden netsuke. In the form of a fungus, dark brown, shiny wood, similar to #127 except that only one fungus is represented, and the workmanship is not as good. 1 cm by 3.5 cm by 5 cm.

129. Two gold charms [as for a charm bracelet or watch chain]. One is a mushroom, 2 cm high, engraved with the letters "T.L." The other is a coffee bean, 1.5 cm long, also engraved with the letters "T.L." Both charms attached by their hangers to a small gold ring. from Tripoli, Libya.

130. Staghorn netsuke. In the form of a mushroom, made in China. 20 cm long.

131. Staghorn signature seal. Handle in the form of mushrooms. 13 cm long.

132. Staghorn netsuke. In the form of a mushroom. 11.5 cm long; signed.

133. Staghorn tobacco pipe. With mushroom and flowering plant design engraved in relief. 21 cm long; attached by purple silk cord, with red ojime, to a wooden tobacco container; signed.

134. Ceramic chopstick rests. Set of five, in the form of mushrooms, in a wooden box.

135. Glass plate negatives. Three, pictures of Japanese paintings.

136. Erotic ceramic netsuke. White, small dish with painted design inside, depicting Okame embracing an enormous mushroom. Phallus attached to one side of the dish. In a wooden box.

Not numbered: miscellaneous color transparencies and slides, and miscellaneous specimens of fungi.

Correspondence and Other Papers Relating to General Mycological Research, 1945-1986, 1990

Correspondence and Other Papers Relating to International Mycological Field Work, 1945-1986

Correspondence and Other Papers Relating to Mycological and Etymological Investigations, 1936, 1945-1985

Correspondence and Other Papers Relating to Publishing and Publishing Activities, 1950-1985

Correspondence and Other Papers Relating to General Interests, 1930-1931, 1942-1968

Correspondence and Other Papers Relating to Gifts and Gift of the Wasson Library to Harvard University, 1960-1986

Monograph Drafts, Proofs, and Typescripts, n.d.

Translations of Printed and Audio Materials, 1958-1971

Pocket Diaries and Field Notebooks, 1949-1983

Research Bibliographies, n.d.

Miscellaneous Materials.


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