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Reading Room Policies

New researchers are required to register at the Reference Desk and provide two forms of photographic identification.
Researchers may bring into the reading room only materials for note-taking. Coats, bags and other personal property are to be kept in the area provided near the reference desk. The library is not responsible for personal property.

Researchers must use pencils when taking notes. Pencils are available at each computer workstation and study table.

Paging from the Orchid and Farlow collections ends each day at 4:30 p.m. and at 4:45 p.m. from the Arnold, Gray and Economic Botany collections.

The Botany Libraries stacks are closed and the collections are non-circulating. Materials may be consulted only in the reading rooms. Researchers are responsible for all items in their possession.

All material should be handled with great care. Nothing should be placed on top of a book or manuscript. Book weights and cradles are available on request at the reference desk. Researchers may be asked to wear gloves or clean their hands before using photographic materials and certain other items.

Material should be laid flat on the table or used with a provided book rest; no material should be rested on the table's edge, on a book, or in one's lap. Notes should never be made on top of the material being consulted.

Cameras and scanners are not permitted in the Botany Libraries Reading Rooms. Click here for our reproduction policy.

Food, drinks, and cell phone use are not permitted in the Botany Libraries Reading Rooms.


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