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Holm's first appointment, as postal director, was probably light duty since there were seven other postal directors serving alongside him in a position which required at the most three people to do the work (Christensen 1980). This gave Holm time to complete an early version of Beata by 1770. This early draft focused mainly on Agaricaceae, Clavariaceae, and Discomycetes, but he was dissatisfied with the book and chose not to publish it, possibly because he was preoccupied with other events in his life.

Holm used his influence to help get the Danish government into the porcelain manufacturing business. In the late eighteenth century many of the European monarchies had undertaken projects to produce porcelain, competing with each other to produce the best as a means of enhancing national prestige. In Denmark the work began independently in the early 1770's when chemist Frantz Heinrich Muller began producing test pieces to entice funding for his business. At first he had limited success in garnering investor interest, but in 1775, soon after he approached Holm, the Queen authorized royal funding for Muller's Danish Porcelain Factory (Hayden 1911). Holm was appointed one of its directors to represent the royal stakeholders. Although they did not sell much china, the royal family made a point of giving some of it as gifts to their guests as a demonstration of Denmark's technical prowess and cultural refinement. The Danish monarchy was so pleased that in 1779 it took full control of the business and made it the Royal Danish Porcelain Factory (Hayden 1911).

Peziza dichroa [Aleuria aurantia].
Beata Ruris Otia Fungis Danicis Impensa, Theodor Holmskjold,
Volume II, Plate 7, 1799.




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