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Abbe, E. C.
Webster, G. L.

Vascular plants of the Hamilton River area, Labrador. Studies of the Euphorbiaceae, Phyllanthoideae.
I. Taxonomic notes on the West Indies species of Phyllanthus. (863 pp., 1955)


Rollins, R. C.

A revisionary study of the genus Menonvillea (Cruciferae). Harley, W. J. The ferns of Liberia. (103 pp., 1955)


Clement, I. D.

Studies in Sida (Malvaceae). I. A review of the genus and monograph of the sections Malacroideae, Physalodes, Pseudomalvastrum, Incanifolia, Oligandrae, Pseudonapaea, Hookeria and Steninda. (91 pp., 1957)


Rollins, R. C.
Channell, R. B.

Interspecific hybridization in Lesquerella (Cruciferae).
A revisional study of the genus Marshallia (Compositae). (132 pp., 1957)


Dressler, R. L.

The genus Pedilanthus (Euphorbiaceae). (188 pp., 1957)


Beaman, J. H.

The systematics and evolution of Townsendia (Compositae). (151 pp., 1957)  


Foster, R. C.

A catalogue of the ferns and flowering plants of Bolivia. (223 pp., 1958)


Raup, H. M.
Wilson, K. A.
Perdue, R. E.

The willows of boreal Western America.
Sporangia of the fern genera allied with Polypodium and Vittaria.
The somatic chromosomes of Rudbeckia and related genera of the Compositae. (162 pp., 1960)</


Thomas, J. L.

A monographic study of the Cyrillaceae. (114 pp., 1960)


Scamman, E.
Tryon, R.
Wilson, K. A.
Tryon, A. F.

The maidenhair ferns (Adiantum) of Costa Rica.
A review of the genus Dennstaedtia in America.
The Leptosporangium of the New Zealand ferns Anarthropteris Dictyopteris.
Observations on the leaves of Pellaea andromedifolia. (68 pp. 1960)


Solbrig, O. T.

Cytotaxonomic and evolutionary studies in the North American species of Gutierrezia (Compositae).
The South American sections of Erigeron and their relation to Celmisia. (86 pp., 1960)


Adams, Preston

Studies in the Guttiferae. I. A synopsis of Hypericum section Myriandra. Tryon, R. Taxonomic fern notes. II. Pityrogramma (including Trismeria) and Anogramma. (76 pp., 1962)


Drury, W. H.

Patterned ground and vegetation on Southern Bylot Island, Northwest Territories, Canada. (111 pp., 1962)


Solbrig, O. T.
Scamman, E.
Tryon, R.
Tryon, A. F.

The South American species of Erigeron.
The genus Eriosorus in Costa Rica.
Taxonomic ferns notes.
A monograph of the fern genus Jamesonia. (203 pp., 1962)


Rollins, R. C.
Porter, D. M.

The evolution and systematics of Leavenworthia (Cruciferae).
The taxonomy and distribution of the Zygophyllaceae of Baja California, Mexico. (135 pp., 1963)


Altschul, Siri von Reis
Solbrig, O. T.

A taxonomic study of the genus Anadenanthera.
Infraspecific variation in the Gutierrezia Sarothrae complex (Compositae-Astereae). (115 pp., 1964)


Tryon, R.

The ferns of Peru; Polypodiaceae (Dennstaedtieae to Oleandreae). (253 pp.,1964)


Lloyd, D. G.
Khanna, K. R. & R. C. Rollins

Evolution of self-compatibility and racial differentiation in Leavenworthia (Cruciferae).
A taxonomic revision of Cremolobus (Cruciferae). (158 pp., 1965)


Publication No.




Argus, G. W.

The taxonomy of the Salix Glauca complex in North America. (142 pp., 1965)


Solbrig, O. T.
Rollins, R. C.

The South American species of Gutierrezia.
Chromosome numbers of Cruciferae. (65 pp., 1966)


Rollins, R. C.
Lloyd, D. G.
Porter, D. M.

A remarkable new crucifer from Mexico.
Petal color polymorphisms in Leavenworthia.
The genus Kallstroemia (Zygophyllaceae). (153 pp., 1969)


Vuilleumier, B. S.

The systematics and evolution of Perezia sect. Perezia (Compositae). (163 pp., 1970)


Rollins, R. C.
Young, S. B.
Rollins, R. C. & L. Rudenberg

Protogyny in the Cruciferae and notes on Arabis and Caulanthus.
The vascular flora of St. Lawrence Island with special reference to floristic zonation in the arctic regions.
Chromosome numbers of Cruciferae II. (133 pp., 1971)


Walker, J. W.

Pollen morphology, phytogeography, and phylogeny of the Annonaceae. (131 pp., 1971)


Rollins, R. C. & O. T. Solbrig
. Gomez-Pompa, A. & L. I. Nevling
Stuessy, T. F.
Gastony, G. J.

Interspecific hybridization in Lesquerella
The use of electronic data processing methods in the Flora of Vera Cruz Program.
A systematic review of the subtribe Melampodiinae (Compositae, Heliantheae).
A revision of the fern genus Nephelea. (148 pp., 1973)


Al-Shehbaz, I. A.
Rollins, R. C.
Rollins, R. C.

The biosystematics of the genus Thelypodium.
Purple-flowered Arabis of the Pacific Coast of North America.
A reconsideration of Thelypodium jaegeri. (157 pp., 1973)


Rodman, J. E.
Shaw, E. A.
Crisci, J. V.

Systematics and evolution of the genus Cakile (Cruciferae).
Revision of some genera of Cruciferae native to Australia.
Revision of the genus Moscharia (Compositae:Mutisieae) and a reinterpretation of its inflorescence. (173 pp., 1974)


Rollins, R. C.

Studies on Mexican Cruciferae. Tryon, R. A revision of the genus Cyathea. (98 pp., 1976)


Madison, M.
Rollins, R. C. & L. Rudenberg
Ruffin, J.

A revision of the Monstera (Araceae).
Chromosome numbers of Cruciferae
III. Palynological survey of the genera Amphiachyris, Amphipappus, Greenella, Gutierrezia, Gymnosperma and Xanthocephalum. (131 pp., 1977)


Barrington, D. S.
Madison, M.

A revision of the genus Trichipteris.
A synopsis of the Caladiopsis (Araceae). (98 pp., 1978)


Dahling, G. V.

Systematics and evolution of Garrya. (104 pp., 1978)


Rollins, R. C.
Rollins, R. C.
Hunziker, A. T.
Bogle, A. L. & C. T. Philbrick

Another cruciferous weed establishes itself in North America.
The genus Pennellia (Cruciferae) in North America. Studies on Solanaceae
Additions to the genus Chamaesaracha.
A generic atlas of hamamelidaceous pollens. (103 pp., 1980)


Cantino, P. D.
Rollins, R. C.

A monograph of the genus Physostegia (Labiatae).
Species of Draba, Lesquerella, and Sibara (Cruciferae). (113 pp., 1982)


Shaw, E. A.
Rollins, R. C.
Rollins, R. C.

Augustus Fendler's collection list: New Mexico, 1846-1847. Thelypodiopsis and Schoenocrambe (Cruciferae).
Studies on Arabis (Cruciferae) of western North America II. (114 pp., 1982)


Rollins, R. C.

Draba (Cruciferae) in Mexico and Guatemala. Sphaerocardamum (Cruciferae). (17 pp., 1984)

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