Contributions of the Gray Herbarium
Of Harvard University

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Fernald, M. L.

The Seventh Century of Additions to the Flora of Virginia. [reprint from Rhodora 44. 1942 (124 pp.)]


Moore, H. E.

A Revision of the Genus Geranium in Mexico and Central America. (108 pp., 1943)


Ogden, E. C.

The Broad-leaved Species of Potamogeton of North America North of Mexico. [reprint from Rhodora 45. 1943 (138 pp.)]


Fernald, M. L.

I. Five common Rhizomatous Species of Muhlenbergia
II. Notes on Danthonia
III. Erianthus brevibaris and other Species
IV. Why not Andropogon Gerardi?
V. Studies in North American Species of Scirpus
VI. The Identity of Scleria setacea of Poiret
VII. What is Angelica triquinata?
VIII. Notes on Hieracium. [reprint from Rhodora 45. 1943 (72 pp.)]


Fernald, M. L.

Virginian Botanizing under Restrictions. [reprint from Rhodora 45. 1943 (120 pp.)]


Fernald, M. L.

Overlooked Species, Transfers and Novelties in the Flora of Eastern North America [reprint from Rhodora 46. 1944 (47 pp.)]


Gale, Shirley

Rhynochospora, Section Eurhynchospora, in Canada, the United States and the West Indies [reprint from Rhodora 45. 1944 (152 pp.)]


Boivin, B.

American Thalictra and their Old World Allies [reprint from Rhodora 46. 1944 (131 pp.)]


Fernald, M. L.

Ruellia in the Eastern United States. [reprint from Rhodora 47. 1945 (77 pp.)]


Schubert, B. G.
Smith, L. B. & B. G. Schubert
Smith, L. B.
Vargas, C.

I. Publications of Jacquin's Icones Plantarum Rariorum
II. Studies in the Begoniaceae - I. A. Miscellaneous Novelties. B. Begonia of Sessé & Mociño
III. Studies in the Bromeliaceae - XIII
IV. Two New Species of Bomarea from Peru. (45 pp., 1945)


Foster, R. C.

I. Studies in the Iridaceae - III. 1. Three New Genera of South American Iridaceae. 2. The North American Species of Sphenostigma Baker. 3. The Genus Rigidella Lindl. 4. Notes on Masigosyla Johnston. 5. A Revision of the North American Species of Nemastylis Nutt. 6. Miscellaneous Notes and Diagnoses. 7. Tentative Keys to the Indigenous American Genera
II. A synopsis of Physostemon Mart. & Zucc
III. The Rediscovery of Riesenbachia Presl.
IV. A Note on the Locality-data ofEcklon & Zeyher and Drège
V. Miscellaneous Diagnoses and Transfers. (72 pp., 1945)


Fernald, M. L.

Botanical Specialties of the Seward Forest and Adjacent Areas of Southeastern Virginia. [reprint from Rhodora 67. 1945 (98)]


Fernald, M. L.

I. Key to Antennaria of the "Manual Range"
II. Transfers in and Animadversions on Artemisia
III. Sencio congestus
IV. Notes on eastern American Luzula. [reprint from Rhodora 47. 1945 (41 pp.)]


Weatherby, C. A. & J. Adams

A List of the Vascular Plants of Grand Manan, Charlotte County, New Brunswick. (96 pp., 1945)


Publication No.




Fernald, M. L.

Some North American Corylaceae (Betulaceae) [reprint from Rhodora 47. 1945 (56 pp)]


Fernald, M. L.

Technical Studies on North American Plants. 1. Some Species in Rafinesque's "Herbarium Rafinesquianum." 2. Difficulties in North American Salix. 3. Nomenclatural


Foster, R. C.
Schubert, B. G.
Smith, L. B. & B. G. Schubert
Smith, L. B.

I. Studies in the flora of Bolivia
II. The Hedysarum of Sessé and Mociño
III. Studies in the Begoniaceae
IV. Studies in the Bromeliaceae - XIV. (38 pp., 1946)


Fernald, M. L.

Identifications and reidentifications of North American plants. [reprint from Rhodora 48. 1946 (59 pp.)]


Fernald, M. L.

Additions to and subtractions from the flora of Virginia. [reprint from Rhodora 49. 1947 (88 pp.)]


Smith, L. B. & B. G. Schubert

The Begoniaceae of Colombia [reprint from Caldasia 4. 1946 (98 pp.)]



A Miscellany in Honor of Merritt Lyndon Fernald. (151 pp., 1947)


Foster, R. C.

I. Studies in the Iridaceae - V
II. Studies in the Flora of Bolivia - II. (43 pp., 1948)


Fernald, M. L. & B. G. Schubert

Studies of American types in British herbaria. [reprint from Rhodora 50. 1948 (73 pp.)]


Constance L.

A revision of Phacelia subgenus Cosmanthus (Hydrophyllaceae). (48 pp., 1949)


Foster, R. C.
Howard, R. A.
Rollins, R. C.

Biometric studies, I. Floral characters in six North American species of II. A collection of Pteridophytes from the Dominican Republic.
III. Studies on some North American Cruciferae. (53 pp., 1950)


Rollins, R. C.

The Guayule rubber plant and its relatives. (39 pp., 1950)


Jones, Q

A cytotaxonomic study of the genus Disporum in North America. (39 pp., 1951)


Howard, R. A.

The vegetation of the Grenadines, Windward Islands, British West Indies. (129 pp., 1952)


Smith, C. Earle

The New World species of Sloanea (Elaeocarpaceae). (114 pp., 1954)

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