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The Archives of Rudolph and Leopold Blaschka
and the
Ware Collection of Blaschka Glass Models of Plants

Series III. Blaschka Ephemera and Artifacts

Sub-Series VI. Cullet & other glass


Glass Tools
small glass pestle perhaps for grinding colored glass enamels
glass tray for photographic work
square wooden box with unused microscope slides
stack of small microscope slides tied with string
4 cardboard housings with 2 specimen slides apiece, some commercial and some made by Blaschkas, only several of the labels legible
Glass Color Bars
4 complete color bars
1 broken piece from bar
Bags of Loose Glass
bag of "Green Friable-Looking Glass"
small bag of mixed shades of green glass
small bag of opaque red-purple glass
small bag of transparent, slightly yellow glass
small bag of opaque, dark pink-orange glass
Tubing and Rods
plant part (stigma) made from tubing and wire
wide petal part from painted clear glass
clear glass in a test tube shape
several pieces of clear commercial tubing, slight variations
piece of clear commercial rod
clear commercial tubing with miniature pipe bowl at tip
opaque white commercial rod
opaque light blue commercial rod
opaque brown commercial rod
opaque green commercial rod
clear commercial rod
opaque white tapering rod
Powdered Enamels or Glazes in Commercial Envelopes
Gneist & Wenzel, Dresden, Fein geriebe Porzellanfarbe (6 Colors)
Müller & Hennig, Dresden, Schutz-Marke, Fein geriebe Porzellanfarbe (2 Colors)
Müller & Hennig, Porzellan-Farbe der Staatl. Sächs, Porzellan-Manufactur Meissen (2 Colors)
Willy Hennig Central-Dogerie, Am Rathaus, Fernruf 65, Pillnitz (1 Color)
W.C. Heraeus, Hannau a/M.; Platinschmelze und Chem. Laboratorium (label only)
Powdered Enamels or Glazes With Handwritten Labels
2 # xc Dunkelgrün
"zink weiss"
"minders Violet mit braun Amlauf"
"Gablonzer Violet mit Fluss"
"Violet blau"
"Blau Comp.-Staub"
"Salpetersam Wismuth"
purple powder
green powder
violet powder
tan powder
Small Pieces of Glass
clear rod about 6cm long worked on both ends
2 pieces of dark green opaque rod twisted about 3cm
9 pieces of very fine rod in beige, green, red, 1 twisted with wire like a plant tendril
Large Pieces of Cullet and Glass Wrapped in Paper
chips of dense blackish metallic glass
chunks of transparent green in the shape of a small crucible
pancake pieces of opaque mustard yellow
pancake pieces of opaque turquoise blue
transparent ruby commercial flat glass
center portion of roundel of transparent purple
transparent chips of light green, wrapped newspaper
large package of transparent to opaque chips of green
opaque and transparent green wrapped in brown paper with stars & writing & calculations
opaque darker green chunks
chunks of transparent green
chunks of opaque purple-lavender
chunk of opaque light yellow
chunks of dense transparent reddish amber
small paper packet with transparent chips of dense green
small paper packet with opaque chips of variegated blood red
Very Large Pieces of Cullet
large transparent colorless chunks; estimated 5-8lbs
large chunks and chips of opaque light green


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