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Pictures from the Field


G. G.Kennedy [1841-1918]
sitting in the interior of "Camp Kennedy",
Katahdin, Maine.



Circa. 1900
G. G. Kennedy [1841-1918] and Annie Lorenz [1879-1927]
collecting in Willoughby, Vermont.

George Golding Kennedy graduated from Harvard in 1864 and received his M.D. degree from Harvard Medical School in 1867. After practicing medicine for a short time, he took over his father's business of manufacturing medicines, an occupation which allowed him to acquire considerable wealth while leaving him with enough leisure to carry out his own studies. He had studied botany under Asa Gray at Harvard and maintained a life-long interest in the subject. He was active in the New England Botanical Club, published brief articles on botany, and in 1904, published a flora of Willoughby, Vt.

George Golding Kennedy [1841-1918] developed a sizeable herbarium which he gave to the Farlow, Gray and New England Botanical Club herbaria. He was active on the Visiting Committee of the Gray Herbarium and gave the money to build a new library wing in 1914. Kennedy also had a strong background in the classics and was a collector of rare books. He did much work on a detailed index of plants inn the works of Bacon and Shakespeare, with notes on the historic uses of the plants, which appears not to have been completed of published.

Courtesy of The Archives of the Gray Herbarium

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