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Archives of the Gray Herbarium
Field Notes & Plant Lists

M.L. Fernald and Bayard Long,
Collecting at Burwell's Bay, James River, Va, April 1942

Researchers may consult materials from the archives only by appointment or written request. Send inquiries to Please allow 2-3 business days for the processing of written and e-mailed requests.


Below is a listing of the Gray Herbarium archival collections. Click on a specific collection to access its finding aid. This will provide you with biographical information, collection scope, size, and material types.


Links are provided when a corresponding collection of personal papers exists.

Bachelot de la Pylaie, Auguste Jean (1786-1856): "Jonce et Luzules observies á l'ile de Terre Neuve par M. De la Pylaie 1816 et 1819-1820" (not original notes by Bachelot de la Pylaie)

Bailey, William Whitman (1843-1914): See Sereno Watson

Berlandier, Jean Louis (1805?-1851): three packets of journal material for the years 1830-1831 (when he was traveling around Mexico), not the original journals and not exactly field notes

Bolander, Henry Nicholas (1831-1897): field notes on grasses collected ca. 1865-1867; nos. 1503-1555; 4500-6575. 61 p.

Brass, Leonard John (1900-1971): field notebooks from the Fourth Archbold New Guinea Expedition, 1953, nos. 21612-25166, with a gap. 75 notebooks.

Brewer, William Henry (1828-1910): field notes pertaining to collections made during the California Geological Survey, 1860-1864; nos. 1-2698 with gaps; later plants not all collected by Brewer. 13 notebooks

Collins, James Franklin (1863-1940): small notebook containing notes on geography and plants relating to 1906 trip to the Gaspé; typed extracts of Collins' diary of 1923 trip to the Gaspé.

Deane, Walter (1848-1930): Deane's diaries, 1882-1929, include some observations on botanical findings, although they are not really field notes

Eaton, Alvah Augustus (1865-1908): field notes on plants collected in Florida, 1903-1905, nos. 1-1458; notes on plants collected in Maine, 1904, 1-249.

Elliott, Stephen (1771-1830): botanical manuscript, 1810-1814; "apparently a day-book in which Stephen Elliott described the plants as he actually saw them"

Fernald, Merritt Lyndon (1873-1950): notebooks pertaining to distribution of plants in Newfoundland, flora of southeastern Massachusetts, flora of Nova Scotia. These are not really field notes, but they contain some field data. Fernald was in the habit of cutting up his field notes for sorting purposes, so his original field notes are unlikely to have survived.

Fuertes Lorén, (Padre) Miguel Domingo (1871-1926): a small notebook contains sketch maps of areas of Santo Domingo in which he collected, but is otherwise lacking in field notes

Higginson, Thomas Wentworth (1823-1911): notes on plants found in Brookline and Cambridge, Mass., and during excursions elsewhere, 1841-1859. 4 notebooks.

Hodge, Walter ( - ): field notebooks from Dominica; 3 volumes 1938-1940

Kennedy, George Golding (1841-1918): botanical diary, 1896-1917, 6 vols. Not exactly field notes, but includes notes on botanical field trips.

Kennedy, Rae Casena (née Baldwin) (1879- ): 17 small field notebooks, 1927-1939; cover travels to Bermuda, Newfoundland, Mallorca and Switzerland.

Larrabee, Rollin North (1863-1902): botanical workbook with entries completed for plants collected at Alamo Heights, San Antonio, Texas, 1900.

Mexia, Ynes Enriquetta Julietta (1870-1938) and N. Floy Bracelin: sample field notebook, blank.

Nicholls, Henry Alfred Alford (1851-1926): one notebook containing "a report-diary of excursions through Lesser Antilles from Tobago to Dominica on a survey ot [sic] the prevalence of yaws..."

Nuttall, Thomas (1786-1859): photographs of a diary madeduring Nuttall's 1810-1811 explorations of the midwestern U.S.

Olney, Stephen Thayer (1812-1878): three small notebooks concerning plants found, 1841-1848, probably in Rhode Island.

Palmer, Edward (1831-1911): field notes for plants collected in Acapulco, 1894-1895, and in the state of Durango, Mexico, 1896 (nos. 1-996 with gaps)

Patten, Jane Boit: 2 notebooks concerning plants collected in Switzerland, Hungary, Greece, Crete, etc., 1899-1900; 3 notebooks organized by plant name, containing some field information in Latin, probably for plants of Greece

Scamman, Edith Henry (1882-1967): notebook containing brief notes on plants collected in Iceland, 1938, nos. 1190-1521; notebook containing brief notes on plants collected in Alaska, 1937

Shaw, George Russell (1848-1937): three notebooks containing notes on pines observed in Mexico, 1904-1905.

Topping, David LeRoy (1861-1939): one notebook contains a diary of a trip to Kina Balu, British North Borneo, Oct. 2, 1915-Dec. 13, 1915

Watson, Sereno (1826-1892): five notebooks with field notes from the King Expedition, 40th Parallel, 1867-1869 - the first few pages of one notebook contain notes by William Whitman Bailey; eight notebooks pertaining to 1880 trip to the Northwest; one notebook with field notes for trip to Guatemala, 1885

Weatherby, Charles Alfred (1875-1949): 12 books recording plants collected 1893-1948, nos. 1-7388

Wilkes Expedition (U.S. Exploring Expedition), 1838-1842

Wright, Charles (1811-1885): journal of U.S. North Pacific Exploring Expedition and notes about plants collected (these are not field notes but notes worked up later)

1980 Sino-American Botanical Expedition to Western Hubei Province, People's Republic of China

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