Occasional Papers of the
Farlow Herbarium
of Cryptogamic Botany

No. 1: Hummbrella, a new red alga of uncertan taxonomic position from the Juan Fernandez Islands by S. A. Earle. (June 1969)

No. 2: Stereocaulon arenarium (Sav.) M. Lamb, a hitherto overlooked Boreal-Arctic lichen by I. M. Lamb. (June 1972)

No. 3: Siphonoclathrus, a new genus of Chlorophyta (Siphonales: Codiaceae) from Panama by S. A. Earle and J. Redemsky Young. (July 1972)

No. 4: Calathaspis, a new genus of the lichen family Cladoniaceae by I. M. Lamb, et al. (July 1972)

No. 5: Sterocaulton sterile (Sav.) M. Lamb and Stereocaulon groenlandicum (Dahl) M. Lamb, two more hitherto overlooked lichen species by I. M. Lamb. (March 1973)

No. 6: Further observations on Verrucaria serpuloides M. Lamb, the only known permanently submerged marine lichen by I.M. Lamb. (April 1973)

No. 8: The genus Acervus (Ascomycetes, Pezizales) by D. H. Pfister. (May 1975)

No. 9: A synopsis of the Genus Pulvinula.-- A new combination in the genus Gymnomyces by D. H. Pfister. & Studies on North American Quaternary bryophyte subfossils by N. G. Miller. (July 1976)

No. 10: Some foliicolous lichens from the Farlow Herbarium by Emmanuel Serusiaux. (August 1976)

No. 11. An annotated bibliography of the American microscopist and diatomist Jacob Whitman Bailey (1811-1857) by R. K. Edgar. & A note on Phaeofabraea and its placement in the Leotiaceae subfamily Encoelioideae (Discomycetes) by D. H. Pfister. (February 1977)

No. 12: Cirrulicarpus Carolinensis, a new species in the Kallymeniaceae (Rhodophyta). By Gayle I. Hansen. & Studies in Cryphaeaceae III. Sphaerotheciella Fleisch. New to the Americas by M. G. Manuel. (April 1977)

No. 13: A floristic account of the bryophytes of Bathurst Island, Arctic Canada by N. G Miller and R. R. Ireland. & New Ostropales from the collections of the Farlow Herbarium by M. A. Sherwood. (July 1978)

No. 14: Edward Angus Burt (1859-1939) by C. W. Dodge. & J. W. Bailey and the Diatoms of the Wilkes Exploring Expedition (1838-1842) by R. K. Edgar. & New Phacidiales and Ostropales from the collections of the Farlow Herbarium by M. A. Sherwood. (July 1979)

No. 15: Taxonomic studies in the Phacidiales: the genus Coccomyces (Rhytismataceae) by M. A. Sherwood. (April 1980)

No. 16: A volume in honor of Geneva Sayre on the occasion of her 70th birthday edited by D. H. Pfister. (June 1981)

No. 17: A nomenclatural revision of F. J. Seaver's North American Cup-fungi (Operculates) by D. H. Pfister. (August 1982)

No. 18: Type studies in the Polyporaceae 14. Species described by N. Patouillard, either alone or with other mycologists by L. Ryvarden. (April 1983)

No. 19: Pioneer New England bryologists -- a prosopography by Anna M. M. Reid. (April 1987)

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