Library of the Gray Herbarium

Library of the Gray Herbarium



The Botany Libraries is the administrative unit created in 1988 which manages the five libraries of the Harvard University Herbaria. Those libraries are the combined Arnold Arboretum Main Library and the Library of the Gray Herbarium, the Farlow Reference Library of Cryptogamic Botany, and the Oakes Ames Economic Botany and Orchid Libraries. The Arnold Arboretum Horticultural Library in Jamaica Plain works in close cooperation with the Cambridge libraries, but is managed separately.

These papers are the consolidated records of all of the libraries found in the librarians' files and organized by Judith Warnement, the Botany Librarian appointed in September, 1989. Included are annual reports, financial records, lists of items transferred, sold, and/or withdrawn from the collections, and other documentation describing the policies, practices, and issues addressed by the librarians and their colleagues, primarily between the years 1970 through 1989.

Administrative Papers
General Administration, 1981-1989
Botany Libraries Advisory Committee, 1986-1989
Herbarium Library Executive Committee, 1981-1985
Gray/Arnold Library Committee, 1974-1980
Botany Libraries Annual Reports, 1959-1989
Botany Libraries Budgets, 1972-1989

Monthly Budget Statements:
Arnold Arboretum Library, 1985-1989
Farlow Reference Library, 1985-1989
Gray Herbarium Library, 1985-1989
Oakes Ames Libraries, 1986-1989 (incompl.)

Materials Management: Duplicates
Botany Libraries Selection Committee, 1987-1988
Botany Libraries Duplicate Serials, 1989
Gray/Arnold Duplicate Serials, 1986
Gray/Arnold Duplicate Serials Sale, 1970
List, 1969-1970
Correspondence, 1970-197
Receipts, 1970-1971
Farlow Books/Serials Withdrawn/Sold, 1982-1990
Farlow/Biolabs Books Transferred 1931-1965

Materials Management: Conservation/Preservation
Farlow Reference Library Archives Project
Commonwealth of Massachusetts Grant Proposal September 1978.
Gray/Arnold IMS Preservation Grant (Environmental Survey), 1988-1989
Gray/Arnold Massachusetts Council on the Arts & Humanities Conservation Proposals, 1971-1980 Gray/Arnold National Endowment for the Arts Conservation Proposal, 1983
National Science Foundation, Support of Botanical Systematic Collections Proposal [includes book conservation funds]
National Science Foundation, Support of Botanical Systematic Collections: List of books conserved
Gray/Arnold Title II-C Preservation Grants, 1981-1987
Gray/Arnold Titles Filmed/Conserved Records
Inter Documentation Company (IDC) Microfilm Projects Orders/Correspondence, 1970-1984
Damage Caused by Microfilming - Correspondence, 1987-1988 (to Dioscordes & Meckler)

Materials Management: Exhibitions
Arnold Library Centennial Exhibition Catalog and Guest Book, May 1972
Gray/Arnold Titles Used in American Society of Zoologists Exhibit at Widener, December 1989
Gray/Arnold Titles Used in Preservation Office Exhibit, September 1990
Gray/Arnold/Economic Botany Titles Used in Columbian Exchange Exhibition at Widener, October 1992
Gray/Arnold Titles, Invitation, Calendar, and Catalog for "Plants and the New World" exhibit at
Houghton, October, 1992

Library Issues:
Science Librarians Taxonomic Names/Subject Headings Discussions, 1979-1986

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