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Economic Botany Historic Clipping File


Dr. Schultes teaching in the Nash Lecture Hall
Painting by Hannah Barrett, November 1994

This is a collection of small manuscripts, photographs, magazine and newspaper articles dealing with economic botany ending circa 1985. The collection was housed in the Nash Lecture Hall, Harvard Museum of Natural History. In 2001 it was transferred to the Botany Libraries, Harvard University Herbaria.

The files are arranged alphabetically by subject with the plants usually filed under their Latin name.


Clipping Files W-Z

Walnut – 36 clippings and a Swissair menu with a walnut image on the cover; also a clipping on “The Fighting Crickets of China” which belongs in the Crickets folder

Water Vines – 1 clipping, 1 letter, and 1 citation

Watermelon – 11 clippings and reproductions, primarily about the Citron watermelon [some tape]

Wax – 28 items, including 18 clippings, 1 commerce report, excerps from articles, and handwritten article.

Weeds – 44 items, most of which are clippings.

Wheat – 41 items, most of which are clippings.

Wheat (2) – Article from Science Magazine, article from Natural History Magazine, article from Scientific American, technical bulletin, 36 other items, mostly clippings.

Wheat Substitute – 1 article from Scientific American Supplement entitled “Substitutes for Wheat: Employed in Making Bread for the French Army”.

Wine 1 (1930’s–1960’s) – “Vintage” article from Town & Country, New York Herald Tribune color map entitled “Wines of the Country”, article entitled “Wines from Florida Grapes” from Subtropical Gardening, a color pamphlet from Wine Wonderland in Naples, NY, a color pamphlet entitled “21 Wines for You from Italy”, color article from House Beautiful, color article on American Wines, color article from Town & Country, 7 clippings.

Wine 2 – Color pamphlet from Widmer, Naples, NY, 23 clippings, color pamphlet with wine suggestions and recipes, Drink Book and Cookbook from the Paul Masson Wine Reader, article on wine from American Scientist magazine, Clip from Caminos del Aire, “Toast of the Season” article, article from Destinations.

Wine 3 – 17 clippings, Kappy’s Liquors Catalog & Dictionary of Fine Wines, Time Magazine article “American Wine: There’s Gold in Them Thar Grpaes”, “New Grapes and Wine in Eastern North America” in Wine East.

Wood 1 – 16 clippings, note to editors of the International Paper Company enclosing the Security Analysis Meeting remarks by the Vice President of Wood Products and Resources Groups.

Wood 2 – Article from Science Magazine, 30 clippings, article entitled “Nazis in the Woodpile”, article from American Forests and Forest Life, “Woods Used by the Ancient Egyptians”.

Wood Pulp – 21 clippings.

Xanthoceras – 2 clippings

Xanthorrhoea – 4 clippings.

Xanthosoma, Stemon – 2 clippings.

Xylose – 2 clippings

Yeast –19 clippings, Fiber Year Taste Sample in plastic bag.

Yucca – 26 clippings.

Zamia – 2 clippings.

Zantedeschia – 2 clippings.

Zantholylum – 1 clipping.

Zea 1 – 24 clippings.

Zea 2 – 14 clippings, Smithsonian article entitled “A Wild Relative May Give Corn Perennial Genes”.

Zea 3 – 25 clippings, Science Magazine (American Association for the Advancement of Science) entitled “From Teosinte to Maize: the Catastrophic Sexual Transmutation”.

Zelkova – 3 clippings.

Zizania – 14 clippings, article from The Beaver entitled “Wild Rice Harvest”.

Zizyphus – Botanical information from Firewood Crops, 2 clippings.

Zostera – 1 clipping.

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