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Economic Botany Historic Clipping File


Dr. Schultes teaching in the Nash Lecture Hall
Painting by Hannah Barrett, November 1994

This is a collection of small manuscripts, photographs, magazine and newspaper articles dealing with economic botany ending circa 1985. The collection was housed in the Nash Lecture Hall, Harvard Museum of Natural History. In 2001 it was transferred to the Botany Libraries, Harvard University Herbaria.

The files are arranged alphabetically by subject with the plants usually filed under their Latin name.


Clipping Files U-V

Ulmus – 9 clippings

Umbelliferae – 4 clippings

Uncaria – 1 clipping

Urginea – 3 clippings on its use as poison

Urtica – 3 clippings (nettle as wartime food and fabric)

Utricularia – 1 clipping (carnivorous bladderwort)

Vaccinium – 11 clippings and photocopies about blueberries

Valerianella – 3 clippings

Vanilla – 21 clippings and photocopies [staples to be removed; 2 copies of “Cheney’s true vanilla bean extract” advertisement]

Varnish – 3 clippings and correspondence from the Murphy Varnish company

Vegetable Ivory – 6 clippings

Vegetables I – 57 clippings and photocopies on diverse topics, including several on the nutritional value of vegetables, vegetables “new” to the American palate (such as broccoli) and hybrids such as celtuce (celery plus lettuce); also a short bibliography of literature on vegetable extracts from the U.S. Dept. Agriculture [some staples]

Vegetables II – 62 clippings and photocopies including many articles on the popularity of new produce (kiwis, artichokes, daikon, etc.); also two pamphlets, one from the International Board for Plant Genetic Resources and one from the Centro de Investigaciones Agricolas del Noroeste (Mexico) [some staples]

Veneer – 2 clippings

Veratrum – 15 clippings, reprints, and photocopies as well as several typewritten notes from ancient and Renaissance herbals; primarily on hellebore’s pharmacological properties [paper clips]

Verbascum – 2 clippings and one typewritten citation

Verbena – 1 clipping

Vernacular Names – 5 clippings (letter from Margaret Armstrong defending vernacular names)

Veronica – 3 clippings

Viburnum – 5 clippings

Vicia – 4 clippings and a letter to Schultes asking him to identify an Iranian bean (id’d as Vicia faba)

Vigna – 2 clippings

Vinca Rosea – 4 clippings and photocopies on its pharmacological effects; also 2 International Science and Engineering Fair reports by Isaac Bruck (Cary High School) [some staples]

Vinegar – 6 clippings

Viola – 1 clipping

Virola – 3 clippings and 1 report from the Science Information Department of Smith, Kline, & French Co.

Vitamines I – 47 clippings, many from Science and Science–Supplement [some staples]

Vitamines II – 53 clippings, brochures, and informational sheets; also a short bibliography on the subject of vitamins [some staples]

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