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Economic Botany Historic Clipping File


Dr. Schultes teaching in the Nash Lecture Hall
Painting by Hannah Barrett, November 1994

This is a collection of small manuscripts, photographs, magazine and newspaper articles dealing with economic botany ending circa 1985. The collection was housed in the Nash Lecture Hall, Harvard Museum of Natural History. In 2001 it was transferred to the Botany Libraries, Harvard University Herbaria.

The files are arranged alphabetically by subject with the plants usually filed under their Latin name.


Clipping Files I

Ilex - 25 items, including China Reconstructs 1977 "Treating Burns with Herbal Medicine", Nature Magaine 1942 "The Shrub Called Paraguay".

Iboga - 3 items.

Illipe - 3 items.

Impatiens - 2 items.

Incense - 6 items.

Indigo - 5 items.

Ink - 4 items, including The Literary Digest 1917 "Indelible Ink from Fungi".

Insecticides 1 - 27 items, including The New York Times 1979 "An African Plant May Save Crops", The New York Times 1981 "Soap and Vinegar are Fine Insecticides", The Times (London) 1980 "Zoology: Red dye deters ants".

Insecticides 2 - 38 items, including The Herb Shelf 1983 "Insect Repellents for Pets & People", The New York Times 1982 "Plants That Kill Ticks", The New York Herald Tribune 1940 "The Weed That is Winning a War", The New York Times 1970 "How to Turn Insects Against Themselves".

Insects - 48 items, including The New York Times 1981 "Bees Remember the Sun", Scientific American 1926 "The Scourge of the Japanese Beetle", Newsweek 1975 "Army Ants on the March", The New York Times 1981 "Massive Beetle Infestation Destroys Pines in West", Natural History 1979 "The Weevil and the Wasp".

Iodine - 5 items.

International Health -Volume 4, No. 2 April 1983

Inula - 1 item.

Ipomoea - 6 items.

Iris - 2 items.

Irrigation - 7 items, including The New York Times 1981 "Ancients had Water Politics, Too".

Isatis - 2 items.

Intoxicants - 22 items, including The Boston Globe 1972 "Scotch is Much Like a Symphony".

Ivy - 3 items.

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