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Economic Botany Historic Clipping File


Dr. Schultes teaching in the Nash Lecture Hall
Painting by Hannah Barrett, November 1994

This is a collection of small manuscripts, photographs, magazine and newspaper articles dealing with economic botany ending circa 1985. The collection was housed in the Nash Lecture Hall, Harvard Museum of Natural History. In 2001 it was transferred to the Botany Libraries, Harvard University Herbaria.

The files are arranged alphabetically by subject with the plants usually filed under their Latin name.


Clipping Files D

Dahlia - 2 items.

Daphne - 4 items, including The Garden 1925 "A Winter Garden".

Daphnopsis - The Agriculture News 1907 "Mahoe-Piment".

Dasheen -5 items, including The Agriculture News 1917 "The Uses of Dasheens, Tannias, and Eddoes".

Datura - 9 items, including Time 1983 "Zombies: Do They Exist?", letter from Ursula Worts to Dr. Schultes with attached clippings regarding Datura.

Daucus - 3 items.

Decaisnea - 1 item.

Delphinium - 1 item.

Dendroseris - 1 item.

Derris - 2 items.

Desert Plants - The New York Times 1980 "Agriculture Meets The Desert On Its Own Terms", The New York Times 1975 "Botanists study scrubby plant that is thriving in Death Valley".

Diatom - 2 items.

Dictamnus - Boston Evening Transcript 1937 "The Gas Plant Has Many Queer Tricks".

Diet and Nutrition Letter - Vol. 2 No. 12 February 1985, Vol. 3 No. 1 March 1985, Free newsletter, Vol. 3 No. 2 1985.

Digitalis - 11 items, including The New York Times 1981 "Hidden in great art are clues to ailments of the painters", The Boston Herald 1935 "Digitalis is Most Important In Treating Heart Ailments.

Dilleniaceae - 1 item.

Dioscorea - 16 items, including The Times (London) "Hormone product turns away from the jungle", The Gardeners' Chronicle 1928 "A Curious Yam", The New York Times 1950 "Plant Hunt is Set to Aid Cortisone".

Diospyros - 6 items.

Dipsacus - 2 items.

Dipteryx - 7 items, including The Agriculture News 1906 "Tonga Beans".

Dirca - 2 items.

Disease - 47 items, including The New York Times 1973 "Fungus Epidemic Hits Trees Here", The Times (London) 1978 "Botany: Plant immunity to infection", Science 1912 "Insects contributing to the control of the Chestnut blight disease", The Garden 1924 "The Gooseberry Mildew".

Distribution - 4 items.

Dolichos - 2 items.

Dracaena - 2 items.

Drimys- 2 items.

Drosera - Boston Globe 1926 "The Round Leaved Sundew".

Drug Screening - 2 items.

Drugs 1 (1920s and miscellaneous) - 45 items, mostly clippings on the medical benefits of various plants (eg. Cundurango, Kalmia)

Drugs 2 (1930s) - 26 items, mostly clippings (some photocopies may be necessary), including Boston Herald 1938 "Chlorophyll Hailed as Cold Cure," articles on foxglove; also some correspondence (USDA, Eli Lilly & Co., others) on the subject of "crude drugs"

Drugs 3 (1940s) - 43 items, mostly clippings, including multiple articles on quinine (re. WWII) and penicillin

Drugs 4 (1940s) - 36 items, mostly clippings; more articles on penicillin; several manufacturers' product descriptions for Streptomycin (some photocopies necessary)

Drugs 5 (1950s) - 12 items, mostly clippings on the medicinal value of plants; a typed chapter titled "Plants in Medicine" (no author, no book title given)

Drugs 6 (1960s) - 35 items, mostly clippings; articles about "exotic" and foreign plants eg Daily News 1961 "Comb World to Find New Wonder Drugs" (which discusses Schultes); extensive National Association of Retail Druggists materials for educating students about drug abuse and addiction

Drugs 7 (1960s) - 19 items, mostly clippings; articles on folk medicine and natural medicine; a letter from Schultes to George M. Fister of the AMA

Drugs 8 (1970s) - 28 items, mostly clippings on pharmaceuticals, natural medicine, and recreational drugs; El Bogotano "Cura la Impotencia Masculina"; Prevention 1976 "Nicole Maxwell, Herb Lady of the Rain Forest"; boston globe 1978 "LSD-Report from the Living Dead"; urology 1973 "Candiru: Urinophilic Catfish: Its Gift to Urology"

Drugs 9 (1980s) items, mostly clippings; articles on the acceptance of traditional medicine by modern doctors; several articles on Chinese herbal medicines; Artesiana y Folklore de Venezuela 1982 "Los Hierbateros"

Durian 7 items, mostly clippings; also a postcard written to the Botanical Museum

Dyes - 43 items, mostly clippings; brochure from Plymouth Antiquarian Society "Notes on Vegetable Dyeing" with samples of colored yarn; photocopied letter from masayasa Konichi to Dorothy Kamen-Kaye; 1 preservation photocopy required due to bad glue

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