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Economic Botany Clipping File


Dr. Schultes teaching in the Nash Lecture Hall
Painting by Hannah Barrett, November 1994

This is a collection of small manuscripts, photographs, magazine and newspaper articles dealing with economic botany. It was housed in the Nash Lecture Hall, Harvard Museum of Natural History. In 2001 it was transferred to the Botany Libraries, Harvard University Herbaria.

The files are arranged alphabetically by subject with the plants usually filed under their Latin name.


Clipping Files B

Bacteria - 26 items, mostly clippings.

Balanites - 1 clipping.

Balata - 8 clippings.

Balsams - 3 items.

Bamboo -14 clippings, Scientific American "Head Hunters of Burma".

Banisteriopsis - Clinical Neuropharmacology "Review: Banisterine and Parkinson’s Disease" 1991, 2 copies of Maps v.3 no.4 "The Use of Ayahuasca in Brazil by the Santo Daime Religion".

Barberry - 2 clippings.

Banana 1 - 38 items, mostly clippings, Profiles "The Humblest Fruit", Scientific American "The Banana and Its Uses" 1921, The Agricultural News "Fungus Notes: The Panama Disease of Bananas" 1912.

Banana 2 - 29 items, The Outlook "The Green Gold of the Tropics" 1922, The Boston Herald 1927 "How to Keep Well: Eating Bananas to Remedy Ailments".

Banana 3 - Handwritten citations, 41 items, including Nature Magazine "Plant of Paradoxes" 1928, a print from 1927 with a detailed labeled drawing of a banana plant, and a preliminary report submitted to the United Fruit Company from the Gest Chinese Research Library at McGill University on the twelve banana species growing in China.

Banana 4 - Profile "The Humblest Fruit" 1973, 47 clippings, a brightly colored poster, folded in half, of a Chiquita Banana Song from the United Fruit Company, The Agriculture News "Useful Facts Concerning the Banana" 1916, The Agriculture News "Cultivation of Bananas" 1902, The Agriculture News 1903 "Hints on Packing and Shipping Bananas".

Banana 5 - Chiquita Banana Cookbook, 33 clippings, Bulletin of the Pan American Union "The Banana and its Relatives" 1911, Boston Post, Monday June 11, 1934 "Boy of 3 World’s Banana Champion", colorful illustrated pamphlet called "The Banana Story".

Bark - 1 clipping.

Barley - 9 clippings, Science 1979 "Use of Barely in the Egyptian Late Paleolithic" (photocopy difficult to read on sides).

Banisteropsis - 22 items, including typed letters, clippings, and articles.

Basketry - Forestry and Irrigation "The Basket Willow" 1904, Natural History "Weavers of Wood" 1982, 4 clippings, "Bringing Back the Baskets".

Beans - 19 items, including recipes, clippings and articles.

Beech - 6 clippings, The Garden Magazine "The Romance of Our Trees - VII. The Beeches" 1920.

Beer - 38 items, Newsweek "The Battle of the Beers" 1978.

Beet -32 items, including clippings, articles and photocopies.

Berberis - 2 clippings, including The Garden Magazine "The Common Barberry" 1906.

Berita Porim - Jilid V Bil: 1 1984.

Bertholletia - Gardener’s Chronicle "The Brazil Nut" 1925, American Forestry "Uses of the Brazil-Nut Tree" 1919, 4 clippings.

Betula - 2 clippings, 1 photocopy.

Beverages - 20 items, including Fortune "Canada Day" 1937 (about Canada Dry ginger ale), The Boston Herald "Heart Ache from Tea and Coffee Discussed Today by Dr. Cutter" 1937, Field Museum News "History of Lemonade" 1935, Pemex Travel Club Bulletin "What Shall We Drink in Mexico?" 1941.

Beverages 2 - "Tibetan Beer and Other Beverages of the Eastern Himalayas" H. Garrison Wilkes Ph.D. 1969, Boston Traveler "Mexican Poor Consume Old Aztec Drink" 1951, 11 clippings.

Bible Plants - The New York Times "Biblical Botany" 1983, 12 clippings, "Facts and Fallacies About Bible Plants" Harold N. Moldenke, Director, Trailside Museum 195?.

Bidens - The Agriculture News "Spanish Needle" 1904.

Biochemistry - 6 clippings, The Scientific Monthly "Biochemistry and the Problems of Organic Evolution" 1930.

Biography - 4 photocopies, 2 articles, 14 items.

Biology - 5 items.

Birch - 5 items.

Bixa - The Miama News "Lipstick Tree Valued" 1959, handwritten notes, 7 items.

Blighia - 1 clipping.

Boats - 5 clippings, The Conch Shell Vol. 1, No. 4 1963, Natural History 36 1935 "The Making of a Cayuco", The Times (London) 1981 "Did the Portuguese get there before Captain Cook?", Destinations 1982 "Kenya: A Thousand Years of Sailing Ships", Harvard Gazette 1980 "How Men Went to Sea In Prehistoric Times".

Bocconia - 1 clipping.

Boehmeria - Boston Evening Transcript 1928 "China Grass for Dresses".

Bombacaceae - 1 clipping.

Book Reviews - 60 items, most clippings of book reviews.

Botanic Gardens - 35 items, Smithsonian 1979 "Greenhouses offer modern shelter for world’s threatened plants", Smithsonian 1978 "Botanical Garden's 'Crystal Palace' is reborn in Bronx", Fairchild Gardens Horticulturalist 1978 "A Year-round Spring", American Horticulturalist 1977 "A Preview of Huntington Botanical Gardens", Thr Cary Arboretum 1975-76.

Botanical Exploration - 1 item

Botanical Illustration - Florilegium Catalogue No. Three, 6 clippings, Real Academia de la Historia "Los Pintores de la Expedicion de Alejandro Malaspina.

Botanists - 30 items, including The Seattle Times 1985 "Botanist says he's unmasked mystery behind zombies", Gainesville Sun 1985 "'Plant Explorer' recalls life in Amazon" (About Schultes), Harvard Gazette 1980 "Oakes Ames: Jottings of a Harvard Botanist", Harvard Gazette 1980 "Richard Schultes Becomes First Jeffrey Biology Professor", Melrose Evening News 1982 "Botanist, traveler Dr. Richard Schultes "He’ll cruise the Amazon", Omni 4(10) 1982 "Gardener of Eden" (About Schultes, wonderful biographical information), People 1980 article on Dr. Andrew Weil, a botanical explorer who dedicated his life to medicinal plants, and several obituaries.

Botany - 26 items, including Science 1686 "What is a Plant?", The Scientific Monthly 1928 "The Chemical Elements Indispensable to Plants", Scientific American 1925"The Short-lived, Eight-foot Flower of Sumatra", Scientific American Monthly 1921 "Why Flowers Fade: The Process of Withering, As Reduced to Botanical Terms", Boston Globe 1927 "Why Flowers Attract Insects Still a Puzzle".

Botulism - Scientific American 1928 "Botulism in 1927".

Bows - Field Museum News 1935 "Osage Orange Wood Prized by Indians for Bows".

Boxwood - 1 clipping.

Brahea - 1 print, illustration, Huntington Canendar 1982 "Meet the Braheas".

Brassica - 31 items, including The Boston Globe 1983 "Important Vegetables", American Vegetable Grower 1975 "Cauliflower - A Chance for Extra Greenhouse Profits".

Bread - 14 items, including 2 copies of honey wheat bread recipe 1979 Wheat Flours Institute, The Christian Science Monitor "How bacteria bred in Montana will fortify the bread of Egypt", The Boston Globe 1983 "It’s more than a loaf of French bread", The Boston Gobe 1981 "White bread is suspected as a cause of diarrhea".

Brewing - 8 items, including clippings, recipes, and a typed page of citations.

Brooms - 5 items, including May 1985 "Shaker broom a tool of hope in Brazil slum", Boston Sunday Post 1947 "U.S. Brooms Come from Lone Seed", The Agriculture News 1903 "Brooms and Broom Corn".

Brosimum - Science 1935 "The Maya Breadnut in Southern Florida", The Agriculture News 1904 "Bread-nut".

Buckwheat - 4 items.

Buttons - 2 clippings, 3 copies of Art in Buttons (1917, 1924, 1925).

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