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Archives of the Library of the Arnold Arboretum


The Hunnewell Building
at the Arnold Arboretum 1892

Today, the Library of the Arnold Arboretum in Cambridge specializes in the identification and classification of "old world" plants, with special emphasis on Southeast Asia. The subjects include systematic botany, floras of the old world, literature on woody plants, and books on poisonous plants. Materials in the Arnold Arboretum archives include personal and institutional inventories, field notes, diaries, expedition notes, photographs, historic letters, and artifacts.

Below is a listing of the Arnold Arboretum Library archival collections in Cambridge*. Click on a specific collection to access its finding aid. This will provide you with biographical information, collection scope, size, and material types.


Brass, Leonard John (1900-1971)
Faxon, Charles Edward
Fuertes Loren, (Padre) Miguel Domingo (1871-1926)
Howard, Richard A. (1917-2003)
Merrill, Elmer Drew (1876-1956)
Nicholls, Henry Alfred Alford (1851-1926)
Pennant, Thomas (1726-1798)
Perry, Lily May (1895-1992)
Rock, Joseph Francis Charles (1864-1935)
Shaw, George Russell (1848-1937)

* For information on the remainder of the Arboretum archives you can visit the Arnold Arboretum web site

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