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Subject Call Number Type Size Date Photographer Notes See Also
Yarrell, William (1784-1856) 1423 Map Case lithograph print 30 x 24 cm n.d. T.H. Maguire, 1849. -- s.l.: M & N Hanhart, Lith. Printers Wm Yarrell. On sheet 61 x 45 cm. Stamped "Ipswich Museum." Given to the Gray Herbarium by Jane Loring Gray.
Yellowstone Map Case albumen photoprints 10 x 13 in ca. 1870-78 and 1894 W. H. Jackson [Photographs of Hooker/Gray Rockies trip, of US Geological Survey of the Territories under F.V. Hayden, and of Florida]. 18 photoprints, sizes vary. See detailed listing in pictures section of Archives Guide.
Yellowstone 1177.3 photoprints on stereo cards; stereographs 10-12 x 18 cm ca. 1870-1878 W.H. Jackson Stereo studies among the Great Tetons of Snake River, among the Rocky Mountains, Yellowstone National Park, etc. U.S. Geological Survey of the Territories. 20 photoprints on stereocards. Most have printed numbers and captions.
Yosemite Map Case albumen photoprint 16 x 21 cm 1861-1885 Carleton E. Watkins [Mammoth photographs of Western US.] 22 photoprints, sizes vary. Subjects include Yosemite & Mt. Shasta; trees of California & Arizona. See detailed listing in Pictures section of Archives Guide.
Yosemite -- Clouds' Rest 1394 Map Case albumen photoprint 43 x 54 cm n.d. Muybridge. -- San Francisco: Bradley & Rulofson Clouds' Rest - Valley of the Yosemite - from Panorama Rock. On board 60 x 70 cm. Given to the Gray Herbarium by Asa Gray.
Yosemite -- Sentinel Rock 1380 Map Case unmounted albumen photoprint 41 x 53 cm n.d. Houseworth, San Francisco Sentinel Rock, Yosemite, California. Given to the Gray Herbarium by Jane Loring Gray.
Young, Aaron (1819-1898) 0849 photoprint 13 x 9 cm ca. 1924 ? A. H. Norton? Dr. Aaran (i.e. Aaron) Young, Jr. Aaron Young was state botanist of Maine, appointed 1847. Copy of an earlier photo; also reproducedin Rhodora 37 (1935): opp 1. See card catalog for further notes. Historic Letters Database.
Yucca Brevifolia 1177.53 photoprints on stereocards; stereographs 10 x 18 cm n.d. C.R. Savage, Utah Needle palm (Yucca brevifolia) growing on the desert, south of St. George, Southern Utah. Two photoprints. Utah series.
Yukuna Dancer 0360 photoprint 20 x 15 cm May 1952 not listed Richard Evans Schultes with Yukuna dancers, Rio Miritiparana, Colombia.
Yuncker, Truman George (1891-1964) 0436 photoprint 18 x 14 cm June 1935 H. St. John T.G. Yuncker Semi-Historic Letters.
Subject Call Number Type Size Date Photographer Notes See Also
Zoellner, Louis 1401 Map Case lithograph print 33 x 27 cm 1833 Nach der Natur gezeichnet, lithographirt und gedruckt von Louis Zoellner in Dresden Dr. C. G. Carus. On sheet 56 x 37 cm. Given to the Gray Herbarium by Jane Loring Gray.

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